That the system we live in, that favors wealth and status, is not designed for some of us.
I am 32 and I do not have my shit together.
Jessica Semaan

Every time I think about this, how my surroundings world seems to revolve around a mass of money, status and “success”, I always think; there must be so many of us. We who value the beautiful details, the cracks and swirls of life, pausing and not just rushing… I envy people who have the pull for the mass; there’s community in valuing the same things, striving for the same things… Sometimes I wonder if there’s like a little underground community out there, maybe a we-ain’t-got-our-shit-together gang sign I haven’t been introduced to. Maybe I’m just faking “adult”-life too well to be privy, what if I stop and there’s nothing there.

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