Every Menopausal Woman Must Try These 10 Sexual Positions

Hot flashes, vaginal dryness, and chronic fatigue make sex during menopause a bit challenging. And while these challenges mean that sex isn’t what it used to be when you’re in your 50s, that doesn’t mean that there’s nothing you can do to make sex enjoyable once again. Sex therapist Sheri Winston says that you just need to put a bit more effort to keep the spark going and find comfortable sex positions to make sex enjoyable. Here are some positions women going through menopause should consider.

1. Doggie style

Pain during sex is the most common complaint in menopausal and postmenopausal women according to numerous studies. A sex position that is least associated with pain during sex, also known as dyspareunia is the doggie position. This is mostly because a rear-entry sex position such as the doggie style position allows for shallow penetration and your partner is less likely to hit your cervix. Of course, you need to be lubricated enough to avoid pain completely, but taking advantage of this position can be helpful as well.

2. Woman on top

Because becoming aroused can become difficult during menopause due to the symptoms of menopause, taking control over your sexual response may become more important than ever. Woman-on-top sex positions allow you to control the depth of penetration as well as the pace. To get into this position, your partner needs to lie on his back while you sit on his crotch. You can place your arms to his sides or on his chest for support.

3. Spoons sex position

This is probably the most comfortable sex position for both partners. To get into this sex position, you need to lie on your side with your upper leg slightly bent. Your partner should be behind you for rear-entry penetration. To make penetration easier, you should separate your upper bodies with just the pelvises connecting. A great thing about this sex position is that you have both freedom and ease of movement and the position allows for shallow penetration.

4. Free-as-air sex position

This sex position may feel unusual at first, but with time, any woman can learn to enjoy it. The problem with women-on-top sex positions is that it requires a great deal of squatting and strength that women going through menopause might find difficult. This woman-on-top position makes things a bit easier because most of the thrusting is done by the man. Simply, start in reverse cowgirl and sit on his penis. Then lay flat on your back right on his chest. You can also stimulate yourself while in this position.

5. Time bomb

Or lovemaking on the chair as its also known. This sex position is much easier to perform than the classic woman-on-top. Just let your partner sit in a comfortable (and sturdy) chair while your sit on his crotch. Move up and down and control the pace the way you find most comfortable. The position may only require ab bit of knee work. So if you have any knee problems, you may want to skip this one.

6. Foreplay

Usually not considered a sex position for some reason. Foreplay is extremely important for women of any age, especially for women going through menopause. Foreplay involves conversation, kissing, cuddling, caressing, and oral sex as well. The more time you spend on this stage of lovemaking, the more enjoyable sex will be, and you’ve probably already figured that out by now.

7. Standing position

While standing, support yourself by holding onto a wall or piece of furniture while your partner penetrates you from behind. This sex position is considered comfortable for both parties, but it may not be as enjoyable for the woman because it does not involve any clitoral stimulation. To get around this, let your partner stimulate you with his hand or switch into other positions when you feel comfortable. The goal is to bring more variety into your sex life.

8. Missionary

The classic missionary position when done right can give women enough clitoral stimulation and the man does most of the work here. The position is also the most intimate one because you’re both facing each other.

9. The lotus sex position

The lotus sex position may just be the perfect option for women experiencing pain during sex. The position involves least friction and also gives you the chance to feel intimate with your partner. Let your partner sit with his legs crossed or straight in front of him. Sit on his crotch with your legs wrapped around him and start rocking slowly. You’ll notice that he won’t be able to move much which is a good thing here.

10. Table missionary

This position is a combination of a standing sex position and the classic missionary. You should sit on the table while your partner penetrates you while standing. If your heights are similar and your table just the right height, the position should be comfortable for the both of you and make penetration effortless. If not, then you may not be able to make this one work.


Sex during menopause can be just as enjoyable as when you were in your 20s. The difference is that now you need to put a bit more effort to make sex comfortable and find innovative positions that the both of you can enjoy. The positions listed here are just a few examples that can bring that spark back. There are also many sexual enhancement products like Zestra for menopausal women that you may also find useful.

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