“Electric Vehicles: The Uninterrupted Commute”

Written by: Amanda Wright

We all know that feeling; Rushing to brush our teeth and find our keys, believing that if we push that speed limit just a little bit more we can make it to work on time and wont miss the morning meeting. We only remember the promise we made to ourselves last night, the moment we hit the ignition. “ Leave ten minutes early,” we said. “It will be fine” we said. “No one will even be at the fuel pump and we can be early to work!”

Really? Do we ever listen to ourselves? Do we ever pay attention? Mornings like this make us all wish that the answer was “YES!”, but unfortunately, it’s the exact opposite. No one wants to stop for fuel on the way home — we are ready to take off the shoes, loose the tie, or for women- take off that awful bra, and relax! It’s a burden that can always wait until tomorrow morning or the weekend, if it’s Friday.

So here we are- stuck in the midst of the morning rush hour where not one, but two semis’ have overturned and blocked three of the four lanes going directly into the city, and your fuel needle has dropped below the “E”. Getting off the highway is going to cost you another half an hour, minimum. What do you do? Click your heels and pray you’re back in Kansas? Good luck getting very far on that one.

Once you’re stuck in that position you may not be able to get yourself out of a bind without the use of a detour, HERO unit, or miracle gas station strategically placed so that their price-gouges on fuel wont bother. However, there is something you can do long-term to avoid this entire situation.

Electric vehicles, whether it be car or bike, are the most efficient use of power, energy, and time, that money can buy these days. When you get out/off of your EV, immediately plugging it in becomes a habit. The outlet is right there next to your parking space at home and the timer automatically shuts off the charger when the battery is full, so there’s no follow-up visit to your vehicle. Undoubtedly it’s a hassle and worry free solution to that morning rush we dread every time our alarm clock goes off late, but it’s a rarely considered solution to a repetitive problem. Next time this happens to you, maybe consider the option electric vehicles are now able to provide- avoiding that interruption of your morning commute by not ever having to stop for a fill-up again.

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