Keeping Your Bike Alive: The Electric Way

Written By, Amanda Wright

If you are part of the motorcycle community, chances are you already know that constant maintenance is needed to keep a bike running smoothly and safely. It’s well known that maintenance is tedious and repetitive, but is a key routine that goes along with keeping a well-oiled machine, well oiled. Whether it’s making sure the drive chain has the correct tension and lubrication, checking your coolant tank for proper levels, or changing your oil and oil filter — there are many things that are imperative for making your two-wheeled ride go as smoothly and safely as possible.

However, considering the newest electric options that are widely available across the globe, maintenance does not have to be a heavy factor in being able to enjoy your ride without fear of doing any sort of damage to your vehicle. Forget the oil changes, filter checks, coolant levels and drive chains. Going electric will reduce the routine bike checkups to only brake fluid checks, blinkers, headlights, and a fully charged battery — then you are ready to ride!