Top 5 Movies to Watch Whilst You Charge Your Evoke Urban-S

The Dark Knight Rises (2 hours, 45 minutes + 15 minutes to get over the gratuitous violence)
 Perhaps Evoke’s Kruzer project bike might be the perfect ride for the Dark Knight; it’s sleek, black and promises high performance — truly an object of desire and like all of Batman’s toys, not currently available to the public.

Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the RIng (2 hours, 58 minutes)
 Although there isn’t as much as a hint of cutting-edge tech within the movie’s 178 minutes, to a layman like myself, Evoke’s Urban-S might as well have come from the magic of Gandalf’s wooden staff — and much liked the robed sorcerer himself, the Urban-S is available in both white and grey.

Saving Private Ryan (2 hours and 50 minutes)
 Long before the term ‘bromance’ this movie managed to pull on the heart strings whilst still remaining a movie you could watch with your boys. But beware, the almost silent operating speed of the Urban-S will mean there’s no way of masking the sound of you sobbing beneath your helmet for the post-movie ride-out.

Avatar (2 hours 41 minutes)
 Popular with environmentalists for its green theme, upon marvelling at this CGI-laden masterpiece you might take your next emissions-free ride with an added sense of pride as you shop for blue body paint in advance of next year’s Halloween party.

The Great Escape (2 hours and 52 minutes)
 It’s Friday and your boss has left the office early, you’ve 3 hours left until five o’ clock and have some dirt on your supervisor for leverage… Kick back and pop this on. Whilst your Evoke charges downstairs in the underground garage, prepare to launch out onto the street with the Urban-S’s eight six foot pounds of torque and highway cruising speeds for your own escape to a great weekend.

Written By: Jacob Davidson