4 Time Management Tips for Event Professionals

For every profession, time management is an important aspect and it is one thing that most professionals fail to implement successfully in their life. When it comes to event management, the task is even more complicated considering the limited time you have and the number of tasks in hand. Event professionals need to come up with a proper game plan with proper time management if they wish to pull off an event successfully. Event planning is no easy task and requires your full attention and even the tiniest errors could pose a major problem for event planners, their clients and the event itself. Here are a few tips that will help you manage your time better and help you manage your tasks more efficiently.

1. Make a Checklist and Include Everything

While it might sound silly, a checklist can be particularly useful when you have numerous tasks in hand. Event planning will often involve a multitude of tasks and the human brain doesn’t necessarily keep track of every single thing irrespective of how careful you are or how hard you try. Checklists can help you curb this problem and let you focus on what is important and prioritize them accordingly. Whether you are planning a corporate conference, business summit, academic congress or a networking event — organizing an event is a huge mission, with so many factors to consider. This is why we’ve put together the Evolero Ultimate Event Planning Guide, guaranteed to give you the full checklist and insider’s view for planning like a pro, with minimal mistakes and maximum success. Should your goal be increasing your brand’s awareness, becoming a thought leader, generating revenue or engaging your clients — we’re here to help you execute the perfect event, from A-Z.

2. Lay down a marketing strategy while planning your event

Marketing and brand awareness are important aspects for most events and you will need to strategize and plan your tactics from the beginning to successfully integrate them with your other tasks. Planning the event and then laying down a marketing plan is time-consuming, the smart thing to do is to start preparing and implementing the marketing plan all along as both the tasks are interrelated and ideas might pop up during the process.

3. Utilize your downtime and plan in advance

Downtime could be in the form of anything. For instance, if you are traveling try to utilize the time for some tasks on the go. This can prove fruitful especially when each second is precious.

4. Identity and delegate the tasks when necessary

Time management doesn’t necessarily mean that you take on all the tasks all by yourself. When required, you need to delegate the tasks and let the others do the job that they are good at. Event professionals often tend to take up too many tasks especially when they are on a tight deadline, but this will only worsen the situation. Event planning requires a lot of patience, and a lot of energy, but the important thing is to make use of your time and energy on the right tasks.

How do you manage your time? Do you use specific tools? Share your secrets with us!

Originally published at blog.evolero.com on May 4, 2015.

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