Stop trying so hard to be everyone’s friend. You can’t be everywhere all the time, so decide what you want to do and commit yourself. Being decisive and committing to do what you say is a very attractive quality. Flaky, tardy and indecisiveness makes you a CHUMP, stop being a CHUMP.

You can’t be at every event you’re invited to so stop with the ‘I’ll try to make it if I can bullshit’ — it’s insulting. If you truly value one’s friendship, you commit and you follow through. Giving the ‘make it if I can’ bullshit speaks a lot about you and how you feel about the inviting parties. Either the inviting party isn’t good enough for you to commit your time, or you’re looking for something better and using the invitation as a ‘just in case.’ If you can’t make it to the event, let the inviting parties know as soon as possible — doing this shows your considerate qualities such that you care enough about the person to let them know of your absence; doing it last minute lets people know you’re a flake, so do it ASAP.

When faced with the option of attending multiple events, it’s actually quite simple:

1. Choose the one you want to attend, commit and follow through.

2. Attend both, but deadline yourself and the respective parties on when you’ll be arriving/leaving. To give yourself the ‘out’ of arriving/leaving whenever you want is disrespectful. Stop being an indecisive, inconsiderate chump, you know that if you show up at the first event and it sucks…you have the ‘out’ to ditch and attend the second. You might think it’s all justified to you but having an out to ditch an event is sleazy and lame. You’re just another flake.

Please stop with the excuses and justifications; at the end of the day, you can make any excuse you want, but I’m the voice of reason you don’t want to admit to.

Be decisive and commit yourself.