Late Night Online Video Chart: James Corden’s Strong Opening

James Corden opens strong, with the most shared online video spot during the Late Late Show’s Inaugural week, Proving that the online video landscape for late night comedy has more to offer than just the two Jimmys.

Welcome to the weekly Late Night Online Video Chart, where we take a look at the most shared videos from Late Night TV.

Many comedians in the late night comedy world have laminated about the increasing dissection of jokes and skits across the web. And they may or may not have a point. But once you go beyond the “did it work or not” mentality of a late night skit, you can start using the data available online to figure out if the audience liked something enough to share it with their friends. And that is where the real interesting data starts to combine with the creative abilities of the writers. Every week we’ll be taking a look at the most shared (not necessarily the most viewed) clips from late night TV.

We take the combined shares for every single Youtube video from all of the late night shows and analyze who has the most shared video of the week. But more importantly — We ask why was it shared.

So let’s take a look at what made these videos shareable:

#1 — Corden: Tom Hanks Puts James Corden On Top

Why did people share this video?

The online buzz surrounding the new Late Late Show finally came to an end this week, as James Corden debuted his new show which included several digital shorts that are perfect for online consumption. The video that made it to the top has Tom Hanks and Corden play out all of Hank’s movies, which means cramming a lot of keywords into one video and having the video show up on many search results. The views probably came due to the amount of buzz that the show created for its first week, however it takes more than that to get people to share the video. It’s clear that the social motivation that came with this first online video for the new show (“look at what I’m sharing/I’m a trend setter/I saw this new show that everyone is talking about”) is the main reason people shared it, despite it being almost 7 minutes long. It is also another sign that online video engagement is evolving into accepting longer videos, as our mobile screens get bigger.

#2 — Corden: Mariah Carey In A Car Doing Karaoke

Why did people share this video?

Kudos to Corden for getting two videos in the top five during his first week. This shows the amount of promise his digital team has for this first season. This video didn’t get that many views (last I checked it was around 3.5M) but was mostly shared a lot because of its content — which is always a great sign. Having Mariah sing in the car and the sheer joy that is on Corden’s face (there’s a reason that’s also the thumbnail) makes people smile and want to share it. I’m happy for Corden and glad to see him open so strong. The real challenge however, will be to create original shorts without the celebrities and see how that gets shared. With Reggie Watts on his team, that shouldn’t be too hard.

#3 — Fallon: Recurring “Ew” segment with Ariana Grande

Why did people share this video?

Once again we’re seeing a video over 5 minutes long at the top of the charts. Just another indicator I guess. Even though the social motivations for sharing this video are extremely high (for Ariana’s 27 Million followers on twitter), the emotional triggers don’t seem to be hitting the mark. The jokes are not extreme in any way, and the video is probably at the number two slot simply because of the celebrity in it. But sometimes that’s all you need.

#4 — Fallon: Celine Dione Impression With Ariana Grand

Why did people share this video?

Dropping from the number one spot last week, this video is still being shared a lot. Here’s what we had to say last week about it over at The Sound Of Crickets:

Following up on the success of their previous impression videos, Fallon’s creative team wanted to make it easy for Ariana Grande who, according to the interview, has never been on a talk show before (?!). The shareability of this video has more to do with the quality of her impression than anything else. But the views originally came due to Ariana’s large online audience, and the fact that Fallon’s impression videos always generate a moment people want to talk about (“did you see Celebrity X’s impression of Celebrity Y?”). By using two celebrity names you get a two-for-one in terms of online exposure.

#5 — Fallon: Meme Jacking the Villanova Girl

Why did people share this video?

For most TV shows, online memes are like the snitch in Harry Potter’s Quidditch game. So hard to catch, but if you do, you win the online game. With March Madness happening, it was a brilliant stunt to bring the short lived viral sensation “Villanova Piccolo Girl” into the studio. These are short term memes that generate TONS of views and shares over the course of a few days at the most. But if you manage to get a hold of them at the right time, you can get some great results. This just goes to show the difference in production styles between the old late night world, and the current line up.