Hello world! We’re Launching Exapption

We are excited to launch Exapption, a user engagement platform. Exapption helps businesses send effective and engaging messages to their mobile and web users. It is in ß now and in a few months we will be launching the complete version.

What is Exapption?

There is an app for every need and a customer for every app. The success of an app depends on the stickiness of the content that is offered in the app. While businesses strive to serve the best content available, it is the delivery that makes a difference and attracts customers to your app. It might be an online store or a news app, alerting your customer at the right moment, navigating them to the appropriate solution, listening to their experiences and responding when required are paramount to exceptional user engagement.

With this in mind, we have been working on a platform to make the communication easier and better. We call it Exapption, a user engagement platform for businesses to reach their customers. Exapption will enable you to deliver exceptional app experiences.


  • Push Notifications(iOS/Android).
  • Web Notifications(Chrome/Firefox).
  • Create and manage Campaigns to deliver content through mobile and web notifications.
  • Crash reporting with detailed metrics to help you identify the pain points your customers’ experience.
  • Capture and respond to Feedback instantaneously.
  • Mobile and Web SDK to make integration as simple as it can be.

We have lots of exciting stuff that our team is tinkering backstage to make app engagement easier and will be unveiled soon.

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Have a great week ahead…stay excited, stay engaged!

— Exapption Team