Excel Dwellings Oxigen

“Oxigen” is one of the projects developed by Excel Dwellings on Sarjapur road, Bangalore. Excel Oxigen is a 74.5 acre residential sports enclave that is developed as an annex to the adjacent sports city. Designed to imbibe the sporting spirit, the enclave is synonymous with the energy from an adrenaline rush!

The villas are designed to embrace the gradient of the site — drawing the space and the onlooker towards the valley. While this offers unhindered view of the valley, the varying roof line adds an element of play to an otherwise monotonous skyline. The water channel at the foot of the valley flows across the site and the landscape spaces designed around it generate a central spine on the site. While the interactive and recreational spaces designed around the spine spawns off a social platform for the users, the street furniture is strategically placed to create pause points and engage the residents. With no physical fences within the layout, the landscape at Excel Oxigen is articulated to define boundaries and is a unifying element of the development. This resultant barrier free environment is visually on a single plane, has continuous walkways and the spaces seamlessly merge inside — out. Akin to the continuity of spaces, the design theme of the mater plan seamlessly flows into the villas.