2020 saw an astounding increase in the number of businesses that had to adapt their technological infrastructure to accommodate an overwhelmingly remote infrastructure and settle in for long-term uncertainty.

The key to survival (and thrive in many cases) has been a business’s ability to adapt its IT infrastructure to maintain the same customer service levels and rapidly shifting market grounds. However, not all business models are suited to a fully cloud-native architecture. Common ground is the use of a hybrid cloud. Yet, many realize its advantages and have moved their additional workloads to the cloud using a hybrid cloud model.

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Our recent ZipChat on Serverless technology was insightful and replete with real-life experiences. Serverless is more than infrastructure. It’s a mindset that helps in understanding how good software gets built. A quick poll at the beginning of this ZipChat illustrates that most are still dabbling with serverless technologies. Before we delve into the details, here is a quick introduction to the discussion panel,

  • Gandhi Raketla is a Senior Solutions Architect for AWS. He works with AWS customers and partners on cloud adoption, architecting solutions that help customers foster agility and innovation.
  • Matt Griffith is the Chief Architect at Intertek Alchemy…

Presented by Vrushalee Ajotikar, Synerzip.

Application automation always adds value to any Agile project. Most folks, including me, automate web applications using Selenium-like tools or Appium for mobile apps automation.

In a recent project, we worked with a Selenium and Java built framework. One of the core challenges while selecting an automation tool that can integrate with this framework was working with a Windows application. While there are several tools in the market such as UFT/QTP that can automate Windows application, they are cost-prohibitive. This has primarily been the reason they are not widely used.

In this post, we show…

Presented by Smita Rasal, Synerzip.

Web scraping typically extracts large amounts of data from websites for a variety of uses such as price monitoring, enriching machine learning models, financial data aggregation, monitoring consumer sentiment, news tracking, etc. Browsers show data from a website. However, manually copy data from multiple sources for retrieval in a central place can be very tedious and time-consuming. Web scraping tools essentially automate this manual process.

This article intends to get you up to speed on the basics of web scraping. …

Presented by Suraj Kamble, Synerzip.

Go to Jenkins > Manage Jenkins > Plugin Manager > Search for the “Slack Notification Plugin” and install it.

Create a Slack account (if you do not have one) and then create a private/public channel. In my Scenario, I have created a channel named “sample”.

Then Go to settings > Click on ‘Add an app’.

You will get a Team Domain name and Integration Token Credential ID after adding Jenkins CI Integration.

After a successful installation, go to Jenkins > Click on ‘Manage Jenkins’ > Click on ‘Configure System’.

Find the ‘Global Slack Notifier Settings’…

Presented by Amit Dusane, Synerzip.

In this post, I show how Elasticsearch and Geolocation improves search results and user experience. I assume the reader understands the basic concepts of Elasticsearch and I won’t delve too deep in these.

Geospatial abilities of Elasticsearch

Geographic data in Elasticsearch takes two forms — geo-point and geo-shape.

Geo-point represents geographic data in the form of a latitude and longitude pair. With this we can calculate the distance between two coordinates, filter data on the basis of distance, find results within bounding boxes, and/or aggregate data using aggregations.

Geo-shape is used when data represents a shape and takes the…

Presented by Ankur Kharabe and Smita Rasal, Synerzip.

In this Ranorex tutorial, we will take a more hands-on approach to set it up and run a test automation job. However, before we delve into the details, let’s take a quick look at why Ranorex is a powerful test automation tool.

A GUI-based test automation framework, Ranorex is used for testing web-based, desktop, and mobile applications. Ranorex does not have a native scripting language to automate tests. It uses standard programming languages such as VB.NET and C#.

Why Ranorex?

A perfect end-to-end test automation tool

Many automated tests require a mix of technologies and devices. This mix may include…

Presented by Amit Koparkar, Shrikrishna Pujari and Suraj Kamble, Synerzip.

In a Serverless infrastructure model, the cloud provider (AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud) is responsible for setting up and executing applications by dynamically allocating the needed resources. The provider charges only for the number of resources used to run the application. In this post, we show how to set up a continuous integration continuous deployment (CICD) process for an app on a serverless infrastructure using AWS and Zappa.

Serverless apps typically run inside stateless containers that accept a variety of triggers such as HTTP requests, database events, queuing services, monitoring…

Presented by Snehal Ghume, Synerzip.

PWA or Progressive Web Apps are web applications delivered in an app-like format, and for all practical purposes, they behave like mobile apps. They are built using standard web technologies such as Javascript, HTML, and CSS and can be rendered in any standards-compliant browser. In this blog post, we take a hands-on approach to how UX designers should approach PWA. For a lowdown on PWA, its evolution and its current state be sure to sign up for our upcoming PWA webinar.

PWA behaves like a mobile app and enables most of its useful features such…

Presented by ynerzip’s Rohit Ambekar, Amit Koparkar & Sachidanand Chaudhary.

Performance of a web application is critical for today’s web apps. Poor performance may lead to lost revenue and dissatisfied customers. Studies by Microsoft and the National Institute of Science and Technology estimate that poor performance issues may be as much as 100 times more expensive to fix compared to finding it at the point the error occurred. A study by ThinkWith and Google , states that 53% of visitors will leave a site if a page does not load within 3 seconds. …


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