5 features of android nougat that will enhance your love for android

The journey of Android from Marshmallow to Nougat has been rewarded with various latest interesting features. Android is always leading the mobile applications market for all the industries. Android app development companies are highly supported by Google through the features it provides.

Nougat is all about improving pre-existing features, extended functionality and expanding the stock of android. The little surprises packed with the O.S are attractive enough to make any user fall in love with it.

The latest features introduced works in improving upon the overall Android experience.

Let’s take a look at what’s new in the OS introduced by Google:

Split screen

Use two apps at a time.

Google has added multi-window support for all android devices running android 7.0. To activate multi-window mode, long press the recent apps button while in an app. The android app you are currently using will go on the top of the screen with a list of recently used apps visible along the bottom. The user can choose the second app to use from the list.

Notification prioritization

The user can tell android about the notification information to be displayed on the lock screen within the notification area of the setting. Long pressing a notification can give to access its priority settings or swiping it a little to the side and tapping the gear icon to access the options. Multiple notifications from the same app will not get bundled up together saving more space and allowing dismissing or expanding for individual attention. This feature will be useful in managing various android apps.

Quick settings

A list of five toggles that is always present at the top of the notification shade. The small arrow on the right side will take the user to the full setting page. The user can also rearrange the tiles or even replacement of the tiles with others by simply tapping the edit button at the bottom right. Long pressing a tile will take the user to its full setting menu screen.

Improved DOZE OFF functionality

The new version of Doze works after your screen has been off for a certain period of time. Earlier the Doze function works only when the device is stationary completely which is difficult as sitting at one place with our device in our pocket can move a lot by a simple movement of your legs. But in nougat, the Doze feature works even when the device is not stationary.

Easy reply to messages

The user can reply to messages from apps like facebook messenger, hangouts or in-built messenger from the notification bar directly. No need to bounce between multiple android apps to continue a conversation. The reply to messages can be done simply by taping the reply button or user can use the reply options suggested.

Android app development is now more versatile and the companies developing android applications should keep in mind the latest features while creating an android application.

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