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My Endorsement for President Trump

I am definitely supporting Donald J Trump for the position of President of the United States of America. I believe that what America needs is not a politician who has actual political experience, but instead a real estate mogul who will bring his outsider ideas to Make America Great Again. Trump started with nothing and built up a business empire from only a very small loan of a million dollars, and he will do the same for America. Even though some people do not agree with all of his ideas, his complete disregard for sounding presidential really sets him apart from the rest of the field. Even though the things he says make him sound like an immature teenager, I still like the fact that he says them and that I can rally behind him. Immigration might have been talked about in all of the previous elections, but without Trump, no one would be talking about immigration this time around. I don’t care that the stats say that illegal immigration population has leveled out in the United States or even if it has declined since its 2007 peak, they are pouring into our country and ruining it. The solution is simple; all we need to do is ship all of the illegal immigrants back to Mexico and build a wall to keep them there, forever. And Mexico is going to pay for this way because Trump will make them. Trump recognizes this and all of the other problems that America faces today, and he, along with all of the great people he is going to bring with him, are going to fix all of our problems and Make America Great Again. Illegal immigration from Mexico is not the only immigration about which we have to worry. There is a single group of people out there that America needs to stop allowing into the United States because their sole purpose is to destroy us and only Trump is willing to stop them: Muslims. The problem is not guns, but the people who use them sort of like how pencils don’t fail tests, I do. On top of his superior ideas and wizard abilities to make deals, Trump is the candidate who can represent America. Of the people who actually have won a state running against Trump for the Republican nomination, Ted Cruz has the most punchable face in America, has zero friends and was born in Canada. Marco Rubio is a total lightweight who is a mere puppet for the establishment. Plus, if you can manage to look past his elephant ears, he sweats more than any other human being and gulps down water when he is nervous. An election against any of the Democrats would be a cakewalk because Hillary won’t be able to run after she gets indicted and Bernie is trying to turn the United States into a communist utopia. When Donald Drumpf becomes president, it is going to be yuge.

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