Promising the Earth: No Man’s Sky
Paul Kilduff-Taylor

I think you are being too nice at the creator. I never heard of nms before launch and than read so many things upon realizing the hype of this game and did a refund on steam because i didn’t liked it.

From my point of view, he should of shut up and hire someone to do the publicity and official statement. He speak as a developer and try hard to maintain a hype to sells his game, talking about features not guaranteed to make it on final version — selling his dream.

Secondly, any game team can decide the price tag of their product. “But” the higher you put it, the more of a range (span) of available games you put it.

i.e I sells a diamond for 1k$. Many people will argue that i could get a tablet, a onyx ring and a necklace at that price range. So the critics gonna get amplified tenfold just for that alone.

So my final conclusion. He created a “hype” and never tried to instead keep quiet on features under dev; just being excited and not rejecting any possibility; that was his marketing. The price point of 60$ for a 15 man indie studio (the game whenever good or not) is the first time i see that. Big company put that price but also have whole department of people (video ingame, stories/script, artists/cgi/animators, q&a team, etc..) many things that make up for it. Pre-ordering, no release code for reviewers.. actions speak louder than words. Thank god Steam allow tryout now but even so.. all the hype, pre-orders and set point at 60$ for a 15 mans… they just hit jackpot big time even with all the complains. But for many peoples, he also just destroyed his trust.. not sure how their next project after nms will go.

I got refund, bought Subnautica for 20$ which is also a survival/exploration game then ordered a pizza and still have spare in my pocket.

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