There are more elegant ways of producing distress than simple agricultural strikes.
Perry Campbell

“It would be simple enough to demand that diesel and ammonia suppliers upstream, and grocers and wholesalers downstream, provide evidence of support, such as refusal to pay federal taxes.”

We here in BigCorp say no.

“In fact, farmers could simply insist on collection of the taxes themselves, to be held in escrow for a future government.”

AgriCorp, who are 85–90% of the “farmers” in the USA today, are not going to do that, no.

“The military would not even have to take a vote — their support would fall solidly with the middle of America, our nuclear arms safe and sound through the transition of power.”

That’s also not true at all. You really need to read your history AND how the military currently views situations like that.

“The whole of America is ready for revolution, and the assassination of Trump (that’s what is going to happen), will be the match dropped in the gas tank.”

1) No, it isn’t. Revolution isn’t good for business. It isn’t good for feeding your family, keeping a roof over your head, for being entertained. No one is hyped up about an oncoming bloody civil war except for doomsayers like yourself.

2) Trump will not be assassinated. Would he pull a Budd Dwyer? Yes, I could see that. External assassination? Not happening.

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