If Trump is Impeached, it Might Be the End of America
Isaac Simpson

“My point is that if you think Trump supporters are going to accept an impeachment of Trump, no matter how rational the basis might be, you’re dead wrong.”

Oh no, they won’t accept it. Freepers and other Trump supporters will SCREAM about how they’ve been betrayed by the GOP to the evil Dems because they are all the UNIPARTY. That’s a given.

“The result is a dangerous disconnection between what we’re being told is going on and the beliefs of a substantial portion of the citizenry. Not a substantial portion like a couple million. A substantial portion like 100 million.”

No, no, no. That’s full of shit.

The polls are only answered by those who are politically involved. Trump only got 61,943,670 votes in the election; that’s 40 million less than 100 million and only 19.4% of the population. And you can’t assume that all of those are rabid Trump supporters; at least 2/3rds are people who just vote Repub because they’ll never vote Dem.

So AT BEST, you’re talking about 20 million actual Trump-uber-alles supporters scattered among the 320 million citizens of the United States. That’s not substantial. That’s just a very loud, very minor segment…like most of the whackadoos.

“Yet, for many, many Americans, things are actually going better than they ever have.”


“Here’s a fact you that might surprise you: most Trump voters do not care if he collaborated with Russia to take down Clinton.”

I’m quite aware of that, thank you.

“They’ll interpret a Trump impeachment as a nothing but a usurpation. A corrupt establishment’s inability to play by the rules of democracy. “

That’s fine. People believe that we’re controlled by lizard aliens too, and that Obama is STILL going to implement a sharia-law Caliphate where all the guns are taken.

“The problem is one of psychology. If you take away Trump’s win from them now, it will be thousands of times more devastating than if he had lost the election. A loss snatched from the jaws of victory is devastating psychologically.”

Not fucking problem. If he’s impeached, he’s impeached. The law dictates what happens. There’s no room for feels there, son.

“They’ll simply check out. They’ll cease to participate in the system.”

Bye, Felicia.

“What happens if farmers (who we can assume via the above maps are almost entirely Trump supporters) keep their crops for themselves?”

Family farmers can do that. No one will give a damn.
Agricorps, who farm the majority of that land, aren’t going to do that.

“What happens if the rural people doing the few blue collar jobs that still remain — e.g. truckers and longshoremen — stop working? Or begin self-sabotaging?”

That will just accelerate the corporate automation project. Those last remaining “blue-collar jobs” will be made obsolete. *shrugs*

“Not only won’t they vote, they’ll find ways to boycott the entities that they view as part of the establishment. They’ll hole up in the bunkers they’ve already been building for for years. Doomsday preppers may have been prepping for a doomsday they bring on themselves.”

I remember when they did this for Y2K. The response, as was then, is to wave the goodbye. They won’t be missed.

“f rural people begin what’s effectively a mass general strike, urbanites won’t be forced out of the city by the government, they’ll be forced out by necessity. The price of food will skyrocket to the point of being unaffordable for anyone but the very richest of city-dwellers. Lines of production and transport will break down from lack of labor and self-sabotage, and the economy will begin folding in on itself.”

A bunch of bull. Corporations provide 90% of the GDP and industry/food workflow from rural to the city. The corporations are not going to fold like that. You think that BigAg running the robotractors in the field are gonna switch them off? Or let Joe Redneck with his guns sabotage them? No, you need to think again.

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