Jeff Jarvis

To quote: “ Bradbury’s Esquire satire is very clearly protected by the First Amendment.” (https://popehat.com/2016/04/27/satire-is-satire-even-when-people-fall-for-it-mr-jarvis/) I personally would think it unwise to argue with one of the foremost experts on free speech in law in the United States.

As for ethics in journalism, well, all that is available are the codes from the Society of Professional Journalism — and those are not binding in any way, shape, or form. For all practical intent and purposes, ethics in journalism is no different from ethics in life, i.e., a personal opinion. Ethics does not prohibit a magazine known for satire from engaging in satire.

As it is, the incident has caused much more despite on my part for Esquire than yourself. Esquire caved to your legal demands. They knelt and groveled and became your mewling slave. I am sure that if you order them to publish this or that or strike this other in the future, then you will receive the appropriate kowtows and obeisances along with scurrying to fulfill your every demand.

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