Addressing the Community Around Recent Concerns

Today, a post was made by community member @TheCryptoBomber outlining snippets of text traded between Chaz and an anonymous person. This post was very alarming and has made us have an internal review process. We wanted to discuss with you, the community, the results of the review, what we think about it, and how to move forward.

Part I: Coming Foward

The first and most important thing is that Chaz is coming forward and admitting his wrongdoing, but it’s important to note he has already done so in the past to the VeGhost community. While Chaz did initially snipe rare VeGhosts, the rare NFTs he acquired were all sent to the team for giveaways — eventually, it was decided that burning the NFTs was the best option.

Chaz wants to have an opportunity to present a written response to the community so they can hear it directly from him:


Part II: False Accusations

Having that out there brings us to the second part of this medium article: to understand the entire story. Unfortunately in @TheCryptoBomber’s posts, only half the story was told, comments were taken out seemingly with no context of the larger discussion. However, since reading them, we have managed to find the entire conversation traded between Chaz and Anon. We are here to discuss the truth’s, mistruth’s, to @TheCryptoBombers’s posts.

**This is not to absolve Chaz or any wrongdoing. Only to continue the theme of transparency and shine a light on someone who is not being as transparent as he claims.**

@TheCryptoBomber has made several false claims or painted an incorrect view of things by taking 1 side of text without context and leading the community to believe what he believes.

  • 1. Chaz is stealing from people and profiting. In an earlier post he said Chaz was making “Hundreds of thousands of dollars” and in this most recent post it became “$60,000”. This is incorrect as Chaz had returned all the rare mints that he sniped, lots of them were even burned. Below is the FULL text of the conversation that @TheCryptoBomber
Both these photos show that Chaz returned & burned his rare mints.
  • 2. @TheCryptoBomber has painted this Anon as a naive investor who got swindled and kept the entire other side of the conversation hidden. However when we see the entire conversation between the two parties we see that “mm22ok” was actively helping and encouraging Chaz as a participator, leveraging his wealth to do so. In order to make his case and rally support behind him, @TheCryptoBomber distorted the truth here to contrast Chaz and his actions against a victim-figure.
After Chaz gave away all his rare and sniped mints. Clearly shows both parties were involved
  • 3. The reason his identity has been kept a secret and his entire side of the conversation removed is probably that @TheCryptoBomber knows mm2ok well and wanted to remove culpability from him. Regardless, this manipulative one-sided show only displays a lack of open honesty.
Pictures show @TheCryptoBomber advertising the fact that mm22ok has so many mints, despite the fact that he got many of these rare ones while sniping WITH Chaz.
  • 4. General conversation between TheCryptoBomber and Chaz. He is clearly very upset with Chaz, but then Bomber offers Chaz a chance at redemption, “…No more sketchy, thieving actions. And we can start fresh from there.” @TheCryptoBomber, you offered Chaz a chance at redemption and don't seem to be sincere about it. Since ghosts, never mind this conversation, he has done nothing but be helpful and build.

Part III: Summary

  • Since VeGhosts, Chaz has since been working in the community openly and honestly in order to make up for his mistakes. He is behind many free ecosystem tools and has provided help for many projects since.
  • Chaz did take advantage of the gaps in the minting protocols of the VeGhost mint, but he gave up the rare mints from that endeavor in an attempt to make things right.
  • He made money for the work he did for those projects, not by scamming anyone or by selling rare sniped NFTs.
  • He was one of the first to vote in favor of creating a true random live-release mint process for our project— even though he didn't create or edit any part of the Smart Contract / ABI for ExoWorlds.
  • He did not create or manage the metadata JSON files for ExoWorlds.

As a project, we have made Chaz’s past indiscretion irrelevant to our mint because of our initiative for true random minting. Exoworlds has made it so no one in our team or in the ecosystem can take advantage of the mint process for their own gain, please read our article on the details behind our True Random Live-Reveal mint process.

Lastly, we believe that anyone can redeem themselves from their past mistakes. It is apparent to us that Chaz feels terrible about sniping VeGhosts, and he has done everything he can to act in good faith and be a changed community member. He has apologized before, done it again now, given back to the community so many times since. In our team, he has been a true professional and a class act and we 100% believe that he is being authentic.

This is the time for us to decide what kind of community we want to be, if we want to become a vindictive mob and discard people for their mistakes, or if we want to become better ourselves by giving people second chances. ExoWorlds, for one, certainly won’t be abandoning an ecosystem member with so much potential, who has realized his errors and has been atoning for them ever since.

Looking forward to building with all of you & create an incredible and inclusive metaverse,

The ExoWorlds Team



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