ExoWorlds Global Update. Busy End of Year!

If you’re an Exonaut you know that there are many things coming to ExoWorlds in the coming months. But making progress everyday is tough, it needs to be pushed for, and that is what makes a difference down the line. With that in mind, we would like to share with all existing Exonauts and any newcomers what exactly we are working on, what deliverables we have, and how long they will take to come to fruition.

The 6-Pronged Attack

  • Interactive Galaxy Map (Tokenomics Enabled)
  • Token (Dual Token System to fuel ExoWorlds game functions)
  • 3D Gallery (View all game Items and Planets in 3D with stats!)
  • Cinematic Trailer
  • ExoWorlds 3D Demo
  • Website Updates

Interactive Galaxy Map

Explore the 10k Planet Galaxy!

During the last 5 weeks, the galaxy map devs have been focused on the back-end development of the map. There is a huge amount of logic that needs to go in to making sure that all of the functions work (Planet linking, interacting with planets and neighbors, NFT battles, Camera movement, and so on). Aside from that there is the marketplace and coordinate swap integration directly into the Map.

Despite the visual / front-end development being slower, we are still a great ways along! We have 10,000 systems plotted, camera and movability are good, clicking systems will bring up informational & visual modals. Double clicking systems will zoom into the planet view where you will see your 3D planet floating in space, surrounded by peripheral objects if you have them (Rings, Moons, Stars). From the planet view you will be able to administer your planet.

Clicking a system will open an informational model, neighbors and other data.

So far we are in the 5th week of development for the Galaxy Map. For the time that has passed we are very proud to have already come this far. However, considering all the fantastic things we want to bring to it, we are yet to reach the halfway point in development. We are now working more rigorously on the visual front and can’t wait to show more.

Dual Token System

The ExoWorlds Tokenomics has been broken into 2 tokens: an In-Game currency token that can fluctuate relative to the game, and a governance token that can remain outside the large influence of daily game trading but remain linked to the ecosystem.

Staking feature of $EXO and $GCRED

$EXO our governance token will have many functions including staking, voting, and bridging. The second token it produces, $GCRED (Galactic Credits), will be earned via staking $EXO, or through Play-to-Earn rewards from the ExoWorlds games. This will be the primary currency in all ExoWorlds games. The more that we release, will mean the more utility for both $EXO and $GCRED. Upon the token release, users will be able to bridge their tokens to an $ETH wallet through the UI that will be available on the ExoWorlds website! We will continue to explore bridging opportunities to open ExoWorlds to as many communities as possible.

Breakdown and distribution for the $EXO Token

In terms of development both token contracts are about to be complete. We have already reached out to HackenAI, in order to have both our token contracts be fully audited. Once that has happened we will start working on integrating tokenomics directly into the galaxy map. Each function of the galaxy map outside of browsing will require the use of either $EXO or $GCRED.

Due to the limiting factor of wanting to release our token with utility ready, we will only be releasing the token with the Galaxy map. However in the meantime, we are preparing the “My Tokens” pages that will be the UI for players to administrate every aspect of their tokens.

3D Gallery

The 3D Gallery will be an impressive new feature to ExoWorlds. Users will be able to browse over 100 different items in 3D, checking out their names, lore and stats. We will also feature 3D rotating video clips of all 10,000 planets.

Solarpunk Great Axe

Each of the ExoWorlds items are first created in 2D concepts so that we can evaluate its look, and determine whether it fits into one of the 4 ExoWorlds themes: Alien, Hyperfuturistic, Solarpunk, Dystopian. When it has been approved we then send it over to our 3D artists to bring those items to life. We have just signed on a new 3D art team that will be bringing on 5 talented 3D designers who are excited about the ExoWorlds vision.

Hyperfuturistic Dagger

We have (just starting): 72 weapons, 24 land vehicles, and 24 flying vehicles. We will also have a collection of buildings and arenas that will be integrated into the Phase II Demo map. With the new 3D team, we plan to consistently be creating new content, and so this list will expand in the future. What stories do all the items have? Where do they come from and how will they be used? Our writers are on the job.

Solarpunk Heavy Rifle
Hyperfuturistic Hoverbike

Due to the size of this task, we will not be waiting for everything to be complete to release it. Once we have a solid batch of items ready we will launch the 3D Gallery on our website, and update it as new items are released.

Cinematic Trailer

The trailer is very complex and we have had some setbacks with the design of assets and scenes. The focus here is that ExoWorlds is set in an incredibly futuristic galaxy. We are not aiming for 2070 advanced technology. We are looking to craft a galaxy that is 10,000 years ahead of where we are now, and everything from our items, lore, technology and trailer have to match that.

Currently we will focus more on creating the opening scenes and closing scenes of the trailer and expand from there. That is good because it gives us something tangible sooner, and we can edit/guide the process better with a starting point. However delivery is still months out. The trailer will be something that we will not share sneak-peeks of because we want the impact to hit everyone at the same time and in full effect.

Phase II Demo

Demo team is currently on environment design, making a flat map that incorporates the biomes of the 8 different planet types. In parallel they are designing the mechanisms behind the PVP mini-games that will feature in the Demo.

It will be a flat 3km x 3km open-world map with towns and arenas of different themes that will host games such as: King of the Hill, Capture the Flag, Duelling, AI Robot Survival, Free-for-All, and Battle Royal which will take place across the entire map.

Games will be organized in intervals several times a week so that players can prepare for them, set up teams, create engagement and generate hype. This also has the added benefit that games will always feature a decent amount of people as it will be planned beforehand.

The Demo will feature some of the ExoWorlds items, characters and abilities so that players can get a feel for how it will all work together. Players will be able to take vehicles across the map, find weapons and spaceships. There will also be easter eggs!

Previously it was said that the Demo would not be tokenomics enabled, however upon consideration we will be providing ways for users to Play to Earn. We have decided to engage other V-NFT communities by giving them a special benefit:

Only those that hold ExoWorlds, Vekings, or MadvApes NFTs will be able to earn rewards when playing the Phase II Demo! If you hold all 3 you will get a 50% bonus in your rewards!

The Demo is the egg of Phase II and a big undertaking that will slowly evolve into the full 3D Metaverse game. For that reason it is taking and will take some time. No expected date yet, however these next few months before the token is released will give us a better view of when is a reasonable release date.

Website Updates

  • Tokenomics page facelift is in progress.
  • All new “My Tokens” pages for users to interact with their $EXO and $GCRED tokens as well as $VET and $VTHO.
  • Homepage will be compeltely redone with a more modern Metaverse design/layout. It needs to be user friendly and able to properly funnel users into ExoWorlds.
  • We will be updating the Marketplaces and My Collection to feature new statistics about sales, averages, dates, totals and such.

We have brought on a new fullstack dev to help the team with all these changes as there is so much going on, especially if you factor in the bug fixes here and there. These changes will be rolled out one after the other over the next few months.

Wrapping Up

We are working on A LOT. Whereas in the past we were holding onto the Dev Funds too tightly, we are now pushing to spend more to get things done. Holding and being afraid to spend cash wont get you anywhere when you are trying to grow. We have 9 team members in house working on various roles and 4 out-house teams working on the variety of jobs discussed in this post. Each of them with specific functions and tasks. This way we are confident to be consistently delivering all the time. Despite some delays, we think that ExoWorlds is in great shape and we are prepared to show the world who we are.

The ExoWorlds team will have a stand in Blockchain Rio (Rio De Janeiro, Brazil), the largest Crypto event in South America, as well as speaking on a few panels. The Brazilian market is one of the largest for both Crypto and NFTs. Aside from that they are also very new, and ready to adopt great protocols and projects. We plan to to go there in September in full force to show them how incredible ExoWorlds is and what we have to offer. Hopefully this will be just the beginning of our expansion both in the physical world and in the virtual one with different chains.

None of this would be or is possible without all our followers, holders, and believers. A Huge thank you to all those that follow us along our journey. We are here to stay and make an impact on VeChain, and create something that thousands will love.

  • The ExoWorlds Team



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