Clean Water for Sale

Riyan Ramanath V reported this interesting development:

Slum dwellers will get safe drinking water in water scarce pockets as the Bhubaneswar Municipal Corporation (BMC) plans to distribute around 2,500 smart cards that can be swiped in the water ATMs for water.
At present, 10 ATMs machine have been installed at Jharana Basti, Gandamunda, Jadupur, Dumduma, Pokhariput, Siripur, Ganganagar Square, Bhimtangi, Sundarpada and Bhoi Sahi, Barmunda. People can recharge their smart cards, which look like debit cards, at the ward office. A litre of water will cost 30 paise.
An official source said the BMC has signed a MoU with the private firm, Piramal Sarvajal, for the project. Bhubaneswar is the second city in the country to have water ATMs after New Delhi. Among the smart cities, it is the first. The private agency has provided technical assistance to BMC to install the ATMs and maintain it for five years.

How ‘bout that proprietary infrastructure, huh?

So, this is not that technologically exciting. Credit and debit cards have been around for ages. But there is literally an equivalent feature in The Water Knife, which is a post-resources corporatized dystopia.

That’s it tonight. I’m tapped out. (Pun intended. I’ve got enough juice for puns, at least.)

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