How Far Can a Food Truck Go? For Melt Mobile, the Sky’s the Limit!

A Dining Review by Experience Westchester

Late last month, Experience Westchester was grilled, eh hem, thrilled to attend a special tasting presented by Melt Mobile at the Stamford Museum and Nature Center. Melt Mobile, launched in 2014 by partners Darlene Anderson and Diana Hall, is a food truck phenomenon specializing in artisan grilled sandwiches with cheese and tasty grilled dessert creations. Notice we didn’t refer to these simply as a “Grilled cheese” — that name is belittling for these succulent and savory celebrations of sandwich! Admittedly, as a Westchesterite, we’re usually venturing somewhere in Manhattan when we satisfy our food truck fix. But, alongside the slow crawl of traffic filled with backward commuters, we trekked up north to experience Melt Mobile. Ultimately, we were glad that we made the trip to Stamford — which might be the understatement of our Summer 16’!

By the time we arrived, the party was in full swing! We were immediately served a Hot Chick Melt, priming us for a new level of food-truck awesome-ness.

Melt Mobile’s Hot Chick Melt

The Hot Chick Melt is crafted with ghost pepper jack cheese, poblano avocado ranch, a generous piece of grilled chicken and served on sourdough. It’s prepared with a twinge of “the spicy”, perfectly crispy and all the way delicious!

Next up, and no doubt bringing the heat, was the Jalapeño Popper Melt — a tasty creation with cheddar in the middle, cream cheese, bacon and of course, the namesake jalapeño.

Jalapeño Popper Melt on top!

At first glance at the menu, we wouldn’t normally choose this sandwich. But, it was ON and all the way (jalapeno) poppin’! Frankly, we didn’t think this combo would make for something we’d enjoy. That said, we were totally wrong and pleasantly surprised — which is not the first time that’s happened… and it definitely won’t be the last. This gooey greatness is prepared on cheddar crusted country white bread and it truly displays Melt Mobile’s willingness to stretch conventional bounds to achieve a brand new level of culinary gold-standard, whether it’s prepared in or served from a food truck or not!

Next up we tasted, the Meatball 3 Cheese Squeeze, a hearty sandwich served on Tuscan bread and prepared with Diana’s famous meatballs, marinara, pecorino romano, Parmigiano-Reggiano, fresh basil and fresh mozzarella. The emphasis here is on Fresh — it makes a difference!

By now we were getting full, but somehow we found room for The Caprese. This is a sandwich prepared on kalamata olive bread and featuring Fresh mozzarella, fire roasted peppers, tomato, arugula, pesto aioli and Prosciutto di Parma — which by the way is one of our favorite delicacies in the history of meats! We scoped out and snuck-in a second taste of this sandwich — mainly because it’s pretty delicious, but also because the first one we grabbed only had a sliver of Prosciutto. This was grilled satisfaction served up Melt Mobile style.

Finally, or so we thought, we tried the White Truffle Melt — featuring mascarpone cheese, fontina, truffles and mushrooms, which was all good. But then, it happened! Love at first bite! We were absolutely floored with the Short Rib Melt, our hands-down favorite!

The Short Rib Melt by Melt Mobile

Pay close attention: If you’re anywhere in the Tri-state area, not a vegetarian and you see a Melt Mobile truck — no matter how long the line is, or if you’re hungry or not, this is an absolute must-have! It features a slow-roast braised short rib, carmelized onions, Vermont cheddar, Monterrey Jack, Mozzarella and Gruyere on Country White. All we can say is, #OMG! This cheesy concoction is a tasty celebration for your mouth that will satisfy your tummy with the yummy! Ok, read through the corny word play and just know, the Short Rib Melt is an absolute must-try!

We wrapped up our first Melt Mobile experience by tasting one of their (2) featured dessert options — the Fluffernutter, featuring carmelized bananas, marshmellow fluff, Belgian chocolate and Peanut Butter on a crunchy Tuscan bread and powdered sugar. We honestly did not have room for the Cheesecake Melt — though if the reaction by everyone else is any indication, we’ll be sure to include it during our next visit.

Melt Mobile’s 2 Dessert options were a major hit!

We’re excited to report that finding a Melt Mobile food truck will be easier in the near future. This past May, founding owners, Darlene and Diana, announced the expansion of Melt Mobile with plans to make Franchise opportunities available to investors. So, for all of you smart business people who are reading this, consider yourself encouraged and on-call to step up and Take it Cheesy! Melt Mobile is a Connecticut-bred treasure and our mouth is watering plotting our next visit!

Melt Mobile is Experience Westchester-approved

-written by Henry Hudson, on behalf of Experience Westchester

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Darlene Anderson and Diana Hall, co-owners of Melt Mobile

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