Are you proud of being a expat? You should!

Yes, you should. First because you have been brave enough to pack your bags, jump on a plane and move abroad, looking for a new life.

Being a expat can change your life for the better. And we bet you can be proud of your accomplishment whilst being a expat.

Maj-Britt, one of our Geniuses in Kolding, summarised why she’s so proud of her experience as a expat!

Skills learned from being abroad:

  • Cultural intelligence.
  • Empathy and ability to relate to people of different personalities and backgrounds.
  • Good observation and listening skills.
  • Enhanced cultural awareness and sensitivity to the traditions and cultural differences and
  • The ability to maintain an open mind and be tolerant of others.
  • Diplomacy, tact and patience.
  • A sense of humour.
  • Flexibility and readiness for change.

Do you agree with Majse? What you’ve learned from being abroad?

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