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The Publisher Says: The Prophet provides everything for the Flock, demanding absolute devotion in return. Before allowing men to wed, they must serve Him, which they do willingly to get their brides. There’s only one little problem. When each man has multiple wives, there’s simply far too many boys.

Knowledge isn’t always power, but ignorance isn’t always bliss…

Jacob Wright’s questioning nature has always gotten him into trouble. The only book he has access to is The Word, but he thinks too deeply about the…

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Hello my few but valued readers! I’ve been absent for quite a while, and I’m sure y’all have noticed how very behind I am in writing my blog reviews. I’d like to explain my absence and my seeming negligence. Well, real negligence, just not deliberate or malicious towards the authors and publishers I’ve promised reviews to.

Many of you know that I suffered a nervous collapse in 2014. For the first time in my then-55 years, the cumulative effect of childhood woes coupled with several years of psychological warfare waged against me by some people I lived with…

Richard Derus (ExpendableMudge) digs into five noir thrillers by Georges Simenon that are perfect for your Memorial Day travels.

Most really serious mystery readers are familiar with Georges Simenon’s Inspector Maigret. The series ran for 75 books, after all, and from my experience with it, you can pick up any one of them and go from there, with no loss of understanding. Mysteries are the traditional beach reads, and with Memorial Day fast approaching, we’re all packing, packing, packing for that first taste of summer somewhere else.

But what about the ride, the flight, the train trip to Paradise? Beach books are already in the suitcase, and are generally too fat to be comfortable short-to-medium travel companions. E-readers increase…

Paul Fell tells the truth in this 2015 cartoon

It’s February already? I thought it was moving too fast until I thought about what was passing with the time: each day behind us is another day closer to the end of this political nightmare. That’s a good and heartening thought, don’t you agree?

The kind of protest I’m physically incapable of, and why I promote #ReadingIsResistance

It was not a happy week chez moi. Friday’s inauguration felt to me like an enshrinement of the kakistocracy that, from the 2010 midterm victories of the Teabillies, has steadily entrenched itself in US institutions created to oppose it. My book-review blog’s 2017 focus, promoting the realization that #ReadingIsResistance to the kakistocracy’s temporary ascendancy, took shape because this moment was inevitable from 9 November 2016 forward. …

He was out shopping, and when he saw the tanks rolling in to Tiananmen Square, he’d had enough.

It’s 2017…do you know where your values are? Mine, on this Martin Luther King, Junior, Day are aligned with Dr. King’s as outlined in the linked speech.

On Friday the 20th, a new administration will formally begin. For many of us this is a tragedy out of Greek drama. It seems to many of us that the gods must be angry with us, have decided to punish us by having the least qualified, most appalling kind of human being sworn in as the leader of our country despite the fact he’ll be in violation of the Constitution he’ll be swearing…

Book bloggers are a mouthy lot, including me. This blog post outlines my 2017 blogging goals. Hint: they are all about social justice, economic fairness, and cultural inclusion.

In 2017, I’m using my unusually unfettered time to read and review books that support and advocate social change for the better. My energies are focused on re-rigging the rigged system, and steering the ship of state off the shoals of corporatist class warfare’s upward distribution of prosperity. In a time where the bulk of humanity is becoming obsolete due to ever-increasing automation and the exponential improvements in artificial intelligence, the only…

Yule Log via Patti Wigington’s crafts page

The Wheel of the Year approaches its darkest point. While I wonder if we shouldn’t put the darkest point of 2016 on the 8th of November, the Winter Solstice is on December 21st and its influence on our human bodies and spirits is profound: Increased incidences of depression, decreased production of testosterone, greater vulnerability to unpleasant respiratory diseases…but also greater access to creativity on the plus side.

I’m celebrating Yuletide this year by celebrating the undercelebrated art form of the short story. The form itself has a bad reputation in publishing circles, though that seems to be shifting slightly. One…


  1. Lose the 10 pounds I must have gained while eating stuffing, potatoes, peas, stuffing, cranberry sauce, stuffing, a good half-dozen pears, stuffing, and the tiniest sliver of dark meat I could locate. Also stuffing.
Cornbread and sausage stuffing (nope, not dressing, stuffing!)

2. Get up and move! Long Island is enjoying seasonable weather. A cold snap gifted to us by our kind, generous, delightful northern neighbors to acclimatize us to the onset of winter (is my pro-Canadian sucking-up too obvious? Will it get me points on my permanent residency visa, or too blatant?) has passed.

By Richard Derus (ExpendableMudge)

Richard Derus talks up 5 stunning novels that he’s thankful were published this year.

It’s the Turkey Holocaust again! I love everything about this meal, except the turkey — No fan of dinosaur meat, me — and the family. Stuffing, brussels sprouts, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie: all those are a go for my dinner plate. My solitary-except-for-a-book dinner plate.

Almost 49 million US residents are expected to travel for the Thanksgiving holiday this year, and the bulk will do so by car. The image of a traffic jam that concept brings to my mind is painful to contemplate. If you’re going to be among the millions traveling by car, plane, boat, train, or any…


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