Expendable Mudge Muses Aloud: My Social Media Life

I got a stinging slap today. It wasn’t even aimed at me personally, I just got in the way, but it rang my bells hard.

While reTweeting away this afternoon, I came across a message from someone I know: “I’m sorry I didn’t follow you back. Look, your tweet count is in the mid-five figures. Too much commitment.”

You’re kidding, right?

You’re kidding, right? Here you are on what is arguably THE social medium (sorry, Medium!) for high volume communication and you don’t want to be bothered by high-volume communicators.

But you *do* want them to notice you, your book, your website. Or you wouldn’t be there.

Seriously, you’re kidding, right?

So we’re your audience, then. We’re the extras in the movie of your life. Notice what you make, what you curate…but really, just leave you alone after performing our duty as consumers.

I’m *sure* you didn’t just say that.

Yes, it’s up to each of us to adjust the fire hose of input that constitutes modern social media. I use AdBlocker unrepentantly and I white-list no one anywhere ever. If I can’t see your site without ads or a subscription, fine, I don’t need to see it at all then. It’s the Tweep quoted above’s privilege to not follow/un-follow/block anyone for any reason at any time with no explanation offered.

But to be on a social medium whose express purpose is generating high volumes of information and to use that medium for promoting your own work, and then to say “you’re too loud…”