How 3d Printing Can Transform Experiential Marketing Events

3D printing, which is also known as additive manufacturing, is the process of using digital files to create three dimensional, solid objects. A 3D printer reads digital files and then begins to create a solid object by laying down one layer of material after another until the object is complete. Although the technology is still fairly new, 3D printing has already been used to create customized products in the aviation, medical goods, consumer electronics, architecture, and various other industries.

But, that’s not the only way that 3D printing can be used. Experiential marketers are always looking for innovative technologies that they can incorporate in their next event, which is why so many are turning to 3D printing to impress and excite their event’s attendees. Here are some of the many ways that 3D printing can enhance your next experiential marketing event:

Experiential Marketing Events


Many people believe that 3D printing will completely revolutionize the manufacturing industry. Why? Because it gives brands the power to quickly and easily create custom, personalized items for consumers. One of the main goals of experiential marketing is to provide a unique, memorable experience for each guest, so it’s easy to see why 3D printing is a perfect match for these events.


Although 3D printers are becoming more well-known, they are still very expensive and therefore somewhat unattainable for most people. There are cheaper models available to consumers, but they don’t have the same capabilities as the higher priced industrial models.


Whereas traditional marketing is about one-way communication to the masses, experiential marketing is about two-way communication between a brand representative and a consumer. How can 3D printing help you interact with your customers at an event?


When people go to events, they tend to share exciting moments with their followers on social media. One way to get people talking about your event online is to have a 3D printer set up so customers can watch it in action.