A Call to Action for Aspiring Writers

Due to the small staff and independence of my current job, I don’t have any peers/mentorship when it comes to the writing craft. As such, I’m looking to gather a small group (3–5 writers) that is searching for a tight-knit community to use as a support/critique system to better our writing abilities. I’m looking for people who see writing as their main profession and have developed intermediate skill in the craft.

The foundation of this group will be built around the idea of being in community with one another as opposed to creating a networking opportunity.

A community seeks to perform tasks and actions for the benefit of the whole group whereas a network solely seeks out relationships that are beneficial to them and once that benefit runs out, the relationship ends.

At various times within this community, you’ll find yourself acting as a mentor, mentee, and peer.

Each member of this community should view writing as a craft to be perfected (knowing full and well that’s not an achievable goal) and not just a hobby.

When a community sets up protocols, there’s a structure formed around the responsibilities everyone is accountable based on each person’s unique strengths and the needs of the community as a whole.

If interested, please feel free to message me directly at and I can provide more information!