I Have an Opposition Mindset

And here’s how I’m trying to change it

After meeting with my career coach last night, I discovered a major roadblock in my thought processes.

Whenever I come across two seemingly contradictory elements, I hold the belief that I must choose one or the other. The most relevant example comes from my recent exploration of the entrepreneur space and the voices within.

In the writing/blogging world (at least what I’ve discovered of it thus far), there is a lot of attention given to deep focus. A common piece of advice comes relates to the best way to use social media. I “learned” there are new social networks popping up every day, and I should focus on one or two for some time before testing others. See if anything sticks, test a few additional strategies, then abort and move on.

On the flip-side, with just a few interviews I’ve listened to, entrepreneurs hold the belief of testing and failing as quickly as possible until you find that “something” that works. Don’t waste time if you don’t see immediate results.

With these two pieces of advice, I felt I had to choose. Am I a writer or am I an entrepreneur?

My career coach responded with, “why can’t you have both?” And, there I was, stopped dead in my tracks with nothing to fire back. She advised me (and has done so previously) to come from a mindset of abundance.

If I choose to believe I can have everything I want, I will organically create the solution to the problems I currently see as permanent fixtures.

It’s really strange territory for me to be in, but something I want to go all-in on. I encourage you to look at your life in a similar way.

How often do you find yourself “choosing” between two options that certainly can’t co-exist? And, how often have you actually tried to create a third, “all-of-the-above” option to fulfill your wants?

It’s something that’s extremely difficult to reflect on because it’s so engrained in our daily thinking patterns, but I challenge you to join me in calling ourselves out when we’ve taken the “easy” road and accepted what fate has laid at our feet.

Let’s be the creators of our futures.

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