This post will compare ICO review sites that can be useful for finding quality ICOs. The core problem for both ICO founders and ICO investors how to find the top quality ICO review sites and ICO ranking sites and this post will aim to do just that.

During 2017 and…

How to evaluate ICOs

There are a ton of ICOs out there, with every single one of them promising huge returns and useful perks for potential investors. …

Bitcoin (BTC) price is stuck within the descending triangle formation for some time now and slowly moving towards the apex of it. Interesting enough, the apex of the triangle is around the actual launch of Bakkt on Sept. 23.

So is BTC price in a bearish pattern or is it…

The offices of Chinese initial coin offering (ICO) startup GXChain have reportedly been closed by the local police.

On Sept. 11, Dovey Wan — founding partner of blockchain-based investment company Primitive Ventures — tweeted a photo of an office taped closed (presumably by Chinese police) and announced that GXChain “got…

Cryptocurrency crime made good money last quarter, although less than in the first quarter of 2019.

Cybercrime against exchanges amounted to $125 million in Q2 compared to $356 million in Q1, according to an initial release of CipherTrace’s Q2 2019 Cryptocurrency Anti-Money Laundering Report. Aggregate crypto losses reached $4.3 …

A multi-million-dollar case involving stolen cryptocurrency filed against AT&T is moving forward.

A federal judge in Los Angeles, California rejected the telecommunications giant’s request to dismiss all of the claims in a suit filed by Michael Terpin last year for enabling the theft of $24 million worth of cryptocurrency. …


印度古吉拉特邦的刑事调查机构已经预定了5人因运行欺诈性初始代币(ICO)而被称为Bitstrades 。

该公司的创始人Hardik Zadafiya因印度刑法典(IPC)作弊和刑事违反信托而被捕,但其他四名被告正在逃亡,当地出版物印度时报(TOI)今天报道。




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“[The]大多数在球拍上亏钱的投资者尚未挺身而出。我们希望在投诉登记后,他们将提供有关被告作弊的详细信息[the crime department],“一名调查人员告诉TOI。


scam ICO于2018年1月在流行的加密货币市场跟踪器CoinMarketCap网站的主页上做广告,正如存档版本所示。截至发稿时,CoinMarketCap也在Twitter上关注Bitstrades。

Scam ICO Bitstrades正在广受欢迎的加密货币市场跟踪器CoinMarketCap的网站上做广告。资料来源

不仅仅是CoinMarketCap,Bitstrades还成功地在多个加密货币新闻网站上发布了赞助文章,包括newsBTC,The Merkle和CoinSpeaker。



如果个人YouTuber可以告诉欺诈ICO除了一个真正的人 — 这些拥有所有资源的主要参与者也应该能够做到这一点。

Bitcoin- the possible Pandora’s Box of the currency world — has never been short of controversy. Whether it be aiding the black market or scamming users out of millions, bitcoin is no stranger to the front page.

Still, the jury is out on the legality and usefulness of bitcoin —…

Dozens of new cryptocurrencies launch each month, and alongside these new tokens and coins comes a series of initial coin offerings (ICOs). The appetite among a broad pool of investors for these opportunities has grown, even in spite of the fact that cryptocurrencies have been battered in 2018. All of…

In this article, we provide top 10 twitter accounts to follow for cryptocurrency trading. With brief descriptions, our readers can gain useful updates regarding popular coins but also regarding less known projects. We also provide Twitter links, as to save you time from the manual hunt of these accounts.



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