Serendib Pub and Restaurant

Address 35 A, Poruthota Road, Negombo
Contact no. +93–31–2279129
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There’s that saying — Don’t judge a book by its cover. This is very much explained when one does visit Serendib. Conveniently nestled amongst the dozens of restaurants and Pubs along the Hotel Road stretch, it easily accessible from all main roads within Negombo town and is active right throughout the whole week. It is definitely one of the more popular pub/restaurants on the hotel strip down Hotel Road (Poruthota Road).

Out seats for 30+ covers
The view of the beach under clear skies

Catering mostly to European pallet, the Chefs team have many numbers on the menu ranging from local rice based dishes, sea food mains, pasta, pizza, noodles. Dishes range from Rs. 850 for a plate of club sandwich to larger mixed grill portions valued around Rs. 3,000 that serve for 2. The portions are ample for one person and requests accepted in varying how spicy you would like your meals to be done.

Big portions. Mix of both local and European food

Mentioning about service, the staff are helpful and friendly. They were attentive and from the time we placed the order to delivery, we were served in 20min. This included a Curry Crab Soup with Bread Cuts and a healthy serving of Spaghetti based Carbonara dish garnished with stir-fried chicken cubes, fettuccine, parsley leaves.

We can certainly recommend this restaurant and well worth the penny.

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