What is Explorer man

“for the first time I realized that I get to choose the lifestyle I want to live.”

In 2008 I was 18 years old. Like most 18 year olds, it was time for me to buy my first car. During a conversation with my dad about this, he said something that would forever change my life and how I approach the world. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even remember saying it, and it probably wasn’t even that profound but I’m so grateful that he said it.

So what happened was this, I was looking for a small cheap reliableish car and he suggested that I look at a Suzuki sj410 -now this is quite a small car, about the size of a loaf of bread, but it was a 4x4 and apparently a pretty capable one- he said it would probably suit my lifestyle. Those words struck a chord deep inside me and

for the first time I realized that I get to choose the lifestyle I want to live.

And not only do I get to choose, but I have to choose. If I don’t choose, I will so easily be swayed by the waves of life and end up living completely in mediocrity.

That was the day that I decided I want my life to be an adventure.

That’s what this blog is about, the everyday person living outside of the box, looking for the adventure that lies dormant all around and in us.

I hope to entertain -and sometimes look cool- but mainly I hope that we can inspire you to live, to find what it is that makes you tick, that makes you come alive.

For me it’s all about community and living in adventure with the people around me.

I’ve been on adventures alone, that’s great, it’s an incredible experience where we face fears and learn a lot about ourselves, but ultimately it’s empty.

So that’s who we are, a normal group of people, working normal day jobs but experiencing life together in a way that’s pretty dam exceptional.