Christmas, 2016 & Exams

So this first term has gone by in an absolute blur, I’ve had so many really interesting modules, and enjoyed getting to know my new home of Leeds. I’ve loved how practical and applicable these modules are, and even the ones that I didn’t consider as so relevant to me, such as Global Strategic Marketing, have actually ended up being some of my favourite modules.

Christmas was mainly taken up with writing an essay on online dating -I chose to focus on online dating apps such as Tinder, and the fact that people make instant decisions on potential partners based often solely on their physical appearance. I considered the motivations, perceptions and user identities within this market, as part of my consumer behaviour module, and it was honestly one of my favourite essays to write (now fingers crossed the grade is good!). Revision was made up of Marketing Communications, PR & Corporate Communications, and Global Strategic Management -our case studies for these included the Peanut Coorporations of America’s Salmonella crisis, and implementing Tesco’s virtual stores from South Korea into the UK. Since the case study was written, Tesco have actually trialled one of these virtual stores in London’s Gatwick Airport, and I have to say, I’m not a huge fan of the whole concept -I wanted to look into it further to see if it’s been much of a success, but I think people would either buy online or choose to go to the shop in person. The concept of having it at an airport raises all kinds of issues: if people ordered before their holiday, they may aswell just order online in the comfort of their own home, and there were suggestions that Tesco and their delivery drivers would know that certain addresses were empty — anything other than a 100% trustworthy driver may make the customer feel uneasy. Delays that are frequent in airports may also make this process inefficient, as drivers may end up wasting time waiting for customers or taking a longer route.

So overall exams went well, and as far as I know my modules this semester are all coursework based, so potentially no more exams, EVER! I’m looking forward to my new modules, including Advertising, Media Planning, and Direct, Digital and Interactive Marketing (all of which are way more relevant to the career path in planning that I’m hoping to follow). I’m also aiming to post more frequently on here, as a way to get my thoughts down, any campaigns or adverts I find especially inspiring, engaging or quirky, and as my ideas progress in terms of careers post-postgrad!


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