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Two other sets have already gone by, so this article is way overdue. I didn’t do a full set analysis of TBD, but I commented on some possible constructed and limited applications for a few cards that stood out to me. I got things right, and plenty wrong, so I’ll go through each of the cards I discussed here and talk about that.

Elspeth Conquers Death

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I was originally pretty excited for this card, but that excitement has waned. Now that this card has become ubiquitous, I can’t stand it anymore. However, I do think that it’s a good card for the meta that is also fair. It gives competitive decks the ability to respond to things that are indestructible. It also punishes opponents for killing whatever you have be it creatures or planeswalkers, although leaving them alive may be a punishment in and of itself. I just think it’s a little too competitive. It’s gotten to the point where players will exile each others’ ECDs. In spite of my prediction, I think that it’s actually turned out to be way more powerful than The Eldest Reborn ever was (and I called it “far inferior” to that card), and that’s mainly because of its I which has the flexibility to remove any threat at all. Getting things back from your own graveyard is usually what you want to be doing anyway. The 3 mana target CMC limitation doesn’t matter in most matchups, although there are a lot of competitive Lurrus decks running around, but hey, one card can’t be good in every situation (except Teferi, Time Raveler). …


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