I Read 50 Books Last Year

Andrew Crites
Jan 15 · 34 min read

The List

Football for Dummies: I’m very interested in American Football and particularly college football. I actually started reading this in late 2018. I learned a little bit here and there, but I didn’t quite pick up what I wanted to. I would have to watch a lot more games than the few that I watch during college football season. I read this book a lot faster than I should have as well. I might revisit it at some point, especially during football season. While it does have a lot of good content and certainly a lot more than I know, the book is still relatively basic. I was interested in higher level football strategy.

Watch 50 Movies

I consider movies to be culturally significant. I also watched about 50 movies last year. I could watch 50 movies a year for the rest of my life and never finish watching all of the classic movies I would want to see. I’m always shocked at how many movies there actually are and even how many movies come out each year that I would want to see. I didn’t discriminate, and many of the movies in this list were not chosen by me.

Additional Goals

I was a little bit more flexible in my goals for 2018 than I was for 2017 where I had set out a lot of specifics. I got married in 2018. That was kind of a big deal. Other than that, I didn’t do anything too interesting.

My Goals for 2019

I was very ambitious last year, and I think that I’ll have to tone down my ambition a bit for this year if I want to succeed. On the other hand, it’s good to set goals beyond what you can normally achieve… at least by a little bit.

  • Read 50 Books. I’ll definitely try to do this again, although I’ll still have to temper my book choices somewhat since there are some very long books I want to read. There are a few relatively short books I want to read as well. Of course, the baby will be a much higher priority than the reading.
  • Watch 50 Movies. I think that this is a pretty easy goal to reach naturally, but looking back on the 2018 list I didn’t really watch many particularly impactful movies. I’ll have to make sure to include at least some classics that I haven’t seen in my 2019 catalog.
  • Make 2,000 Contributions on GitHub. I almost got to 2,000 last year, so I shouldn’t have to push myself too hard to get to 2,000 this year.
  • Keep Making Apps. This isn’t much of a goal per se, but I don’t want to abandon my goal of working on apps non-professionally. I just don’t think I can set a particular number, and measuring completion of the apps will be difficult to do. I plan to make a lot more progress on this front this year.
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