NEXT PUMP SATURDAY 15th — Road To Pluto

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Today I´m here for announce the NEXT PUMP SATURDAY 15th — Road To Pluto!



I noticed that around 20% of the members are following the Strategy for a bigger Pump, with only 20% of participation we reached almost x3 2 days ago, imagine how high we´ll reach if everyone participate, we need the participation of everyone for reach Pluto, it requires only 2 minutes for you and benefits to all the members!

For this Pump I have a better, improved and successful strategy, send me PM in Twitter and I´ll give you instructions:

We reached today 1000 MEMBERS in Telegram, 1000 members in less than 2 weeks, let´s unite everybody for this pump, we´ll make of this the biggest pump ever existed!

Saturday 15th we´ll go to Pluto, be ready for all the success!

Road To Pluto.