We Pay You for Promote our Pumps!

Since today until deploy of all the tokens we announce a Initial Coin Offering for Promotion (ICOP).

That concept is like an ICO but you don´t invest, you promote our things and we pay you with our coin.

Coin: Exposure (PXMP)

Platform: Counterparty Token

Supply for ICOP: 10,000,000

Total Supply: 17,000,000

The only way to get this token is promoting Exposure Pumps, token will be used in near future for Exposure Pumps purposes.

We´ll pay you each wednesday, for be applied to receive the coins you need to send all screenshots or links of the promotion.

All screenshots or links need to be send to this email: banglikeademon@gmail.com

All sites to promote need to be Crypto sites related:

Post in a Telegram Chat (Atleast 100 Members): 2 Token

Post in Crypto Forum (Atleast 10,000 Members and active forum): 5 Tokens

Post in a Slack Chat (Atleast 200 Members): 1 Token

Post in Reddit (Pages with atleast 10,000 Members): 1 Token

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Only you can post in the same site one time per day!

The promotions need to put a good phrase promoting the Pumps and have our Telegram link http://t.me/exposurepumps if used in external website or @ExposurePumps if the promotion is in Telegram

Coin will be in exchanges when the finish of the ICOP.

Start promoting today and you´ll receive your first tokens the Wednesday 19th.

Exposure Pumps.