Getting a development job

So this is my first blog post. Every time I have the idea of writing a blog it usually comes out of frustration. Just thousands of thoughts racing around your head until they all fall apart at the same time and create chaos.

I guess it’s then you have the need to put them together, and what better way to do it then on paper.

So a short intro about me, I’ve started working different jobs online about five years ago. At first it was really easy jobs anyone could get. I have no background in computer sciences or web development I just realized at a point in my life I love working with computers in general. After some time I started learning web development. First it was from every possible book I could find online, about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Wordpress… You name it… After I while I tried online classes and realized my progress was much better learning this way. After about two years learning from books, one year consuming all possible online courses I’ve spent around six months finishing a Udacity Front-End Development course which was pretty good. After that I did a web development internship and here I am. About four years of learning and still not able to find a job.

And this is the part where it got a bit frustrating. I probably send about 3 applications a day on average. I’ve had about ten interviews until now. And I still keep sending applications and I got to a point where I feel like I’m sending messages in a bottle, which probably isn’t to far from reality.

The biggest problem I usually face is speed. There probably isn’t anything I can’t figure out or make using HTML, CSS and JS. But most of the times I can’t do it in 30 minutes, an hour or a day. And that’s where I usually face a wall when I come to the interview stage. I mean all of this makes perfect sense and it’s normal to expect speed, especially if you’re paying someone by the hour. This is something I will have to tackle on my road to becoming an awesome web developer. And it’s just another bump in the road that I guess you face doing any kind of job…

Just… keep… pushing…