What Sets Euroseal Apart from the Competition?

If you’re looking for a specialist thermoplastic extruder, you might be stuck on who to pick. But if you’re in the trade and are deliberating, it doesn’t have to be that difficult.

At Euroseal, we’ve been working in the industry to provide high quality rigid and co-extrusions for over 20 years and can manufacture profiles to your exact requirements. Here are our top ten things that set us apart from the competition.

1. You have greater flexibility over order numbers

Unlike other plastic extruders, you have the capacity to extrude profiles in small and large production runs. This means you have greater flexibility over order numbers and don’t always have to order tens of thousands of products.

2. We have years of experience

With over 20 years in business, we’re one of the UK’s largest thermoplastic profile extruders and our staff have the relevant industry experience to understand your wants, needs and desires.

3. Our partnerships give us access to tools of all kinds

We have positive partnerships with tool makers across the world which means we can extrude your profiles in virtually any design, quickly and effortlessly.

4. We’re a one stop shop

We offer a complete service — from initial concept to delivery. This includes design and CAD creation, product manufacturing, quality control, personalisation and packaging. We also offer financial support to our customers to invest in tooling or larger volume runs.

5. Our facilities are second to none

We have the UK’s most technically advanced extrusion facilities, with nine extrusion lines, five high capacity twin screw machines and four single screw machines.

6. We can extrude a wide range of profiles

We can extrude profiles from 40g to 6kg per metre and 0.7mm to 10mm thick, to exacting tolerances, with twin screws running to more than 200kg per hour and manufacturing a diverse range of thermoplastic extrusions, including rigid profile and co-extrusions in PVC, wood composite, HDPE, Polystyrene, Polypropylene and ABS.

7. We understand window systems companies

We’re one of the few UK specialist extruders to have partnered with UK window systems companies.

8. We work to the highest standards

We work to BSI Kitemark standards and provide a complete audit trail for every profile we extrude. This includes printing bar length every 0.5m with the date, time, the machine it was extruded on and by which operative — everything is auditable and transparent.

9. With us, quality is key

We have an unrivalled focus on quality control and have we have a LAB metre, which measures the exact colour of the extrusion against an agreed standard. We extrude to the exact standards set by our customers, operating in line with their controls and checks as an extension of their own business.

10. We strive for the best, every time

We take care in everything that we do and ensure that everything is managed to the highest standard, from start to finish.

If you’re looking for a specialist thermoplastic extruder, why not contact our friendly team? Unlike other plastic extruders, we’re totally committed to your needs and are always willing to understand your exact requirements.