Issues resolved with Exxor

One of the most important issues that face almost all IOTA technologies is the fee on the micro transactions which are more than the amount transferred in several cases, and getting rid of it is difficult since it provides an incentive for miners to verify transactions and place them on the end of the block chain. This problem is completely resolved by Exxor technology. Furthermore, the chances of 51% attack are more likely to occur in the current IOTA systems but not anymore with Exxor. Finally, computation times of different devices on the IoTA network is based on Blockchain while Exxor comes to disrupt Blockchain to save much of our time.

On the other hand, the ability to transfer data over a cloud-based network has changed how we do business. While the IoTA may be scalable and flexible, using the cloud to share data is increasingly risky as hackers seek opportunities to wreak havoc. The increasing vulnerabilities of transmitting data over cloud-based infrastructures is causing designers, programmers, and security experts real concern as they struggle to keep these interconnected systems safe. This problem is completely resolved with Exxor technology which has very strong and secured system that was built for your own safety and for the security of your valuable information.

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