Why Use Exxor Technology?

It is a decentralized system where the ledger will be distributed to every entity on the network. It has a trust system which does not require the entities to know each other on the platform. Besides, it provides the processing of micro transaction services at considerable speed due to the elimination of the “middle-man”. The collected data can be distributed to companies.

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Additionally, the ability to backtrack previous activities with guaranteed validity becomes possible, thus making it easier to make smart contracts. Finally, a higher difficulty of data being tampered with is ensured due to the big number of nodes present on the network and the Proof of Work (POW) requiring high computational resources for someone to do so.

For example, you can expect your computer to automatically order groceries when their stocks fall below set levels. If you had a specialized robot at home, you can set it to open the door to a visitor after verifying his/her identity. So, if you have both a PC and robot at home, when the grocery store’s delivery person arrives at the door and rings the bell (assuming that his/her identity information has been stored in the robot), you can expect your robot to verify his/her identity information and open the door, check in your purchases, send an electronic acknowledgement to the store, say “Bye!” to the delivery person, close the door and then deposit the purchases at a places you have taught it to.

The devices using high-tech sensors can then be expected to notify your PC that fresh stocks have arrived (as well as their quantities) and the computer, in turn, will automatically update stock balances and pay off the store by issuing an instruction to your bank/credit card account.

The noun Exxor stands for a series of connection objects which link two or more entities and Exxor is the idea of connection and technology that will enable companies to build a better future filled with higher level of security, connectivity, and total quality improvement.

Considering that M2M technologies have the capability to help us improve our world for the better, Exxor represents an important step forward in this process.

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