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Your employee is constantly having a problem with the rest of the team? You cannot afford to spend more time on that and want to eliminate the problem once and for all?

Whether you want to simply justify it to yourself or use it as ammo in the conversation with your own manager/HR, you can easily call it a “Behavioral Pattern” that you have identified in this person. Simple as that. Then hammer it on your way kicking them out.

You’ll probably live happily ever after too. However, …

Stop listening to your subconscious for a second, please!

… your solution has been: “elimination.”

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So, you’ve finally got the interview, and you are excited! Congratulations.

While it’s obviously your day to go and perform, either on the phone or in person, you must seize the moment and rather than just being evaluated, you should evaluate them back. Yes, getting a job is excellent, but getting a bad job can be a nightmare, easily!

It’s all about signals

Unless your interviewer is naive and careless, they are spending their time to get more than just getting a simple “yes/no” out of the session. Even the evaluation feedback is, most of the times, at least one page long with 5…

Disclaimer: This is my personal opinion. It’s not my employers, neither past not future. I am not a legal advisor. My personal experience and suggestions here may or may not work for you.

PIP, or Performance Improvement Plan, is when your employer thinks you need some serious improvement in your performance. The keyword here is “serious.”

PIP sucks. Agreed.

Sorry to hear that. But it happens to a lot of people, so you are not alone!

The good news is, you are not fired [yet] and you have been given a second chance.

How Serious?

Dead serious!

When you are on PIP, you are basically…

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Problem Solver. Writer. Photographer. Used-to-be Manager/Director in Software Dev. Ex-Googler.

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