I’ve been put on PIP, What should I do now?

PIP sucks. Agreed.

How Serious?

First, plan for the worst

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  • Save everything you need to save.
    That includes any document you are legally allowed to access and retain, even after leaving the company, for personal record and future reference (e.g., paystubs); contact points with friends at work; and even precious personal belongings at your desk!
  • Have a financial plan.
    Cancel your hefty expenses and memberships/subscriptions you might not need, have a plan for liquidating any risky and crucial investments (e.g., public stocks), and even plan for having the move out to a cheaper unit be as smooth as possible, just in case.
  • Think about any other due diligence for living unemployed.
    It can be your immigration situation (Again, I am not a lawyer, nor can speak to that, but please take it seriously!), health care matters (overdue free vision and dental check), spending your FSA (yes, some of them expire the day you are out the door.)
  • Polish your resume and LinkedIn profile.
    Ask for friendly recommendations before it’s late, publish blog posts about your accomplishments (company blog, or approved by company’s legal team in your personal space), and add bullet points for achievements that you might forget. (e.g., Hackathons, Spot bonuses.)
  • Share the situation with trusted friends and family members.
    They might have $10K cash or an extra bedroom now that can lend you but might not have it available in a month.

Second, hope (and try) for the best

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Third, Put it in Action.

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Final Word: Don’t Over-correct Yourself

  1. You are demonstrating the capabilities that you haven’t shown before.
  2. You are setting up a new bar for future expectations from you.
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  • Is more organized and responsible
  • Communicates better, to everyone
  • Is more positive, more motivated, and more self-driven



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