Microsoft Shuts Down Kinect… FINALLY!!

Today our team found out the wonderful news that Microsoft has officially shut down Kinect. They did inform their resellers that they can continue to sell the Kinect until their stock is completely wiped.

We read the news this morning and to be honest we thought the Kinect was already discontinues. If you really think about it Kinect destroyed the Xbox One sales when it was released. PS4 released at $299 and Xbox One was sold at $399… a whole $100 more. This destroyed the unit sales which is why PS4 took over the market, again this is what happens when companies think they run the current industry their in. Microsoft rushes to release the Xbox One with out the Kinect months later in order to catch up on total units sold… that didn’t work.

We remember our first experience with Kinect and it wasn’t a good one. It could never really read our body movement and it was very glitchy. Not to mention Microsoft was hoping to get a lot more traction from developers when the product was released, but didn’t have any luck.

In our opinion Kinect was more than just a failure, it destroyed the popularity of Xbox in the video game market.

– The GamingU Team

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