Nintendo — Super Mario Run

As we said in about 3 of our reviews, Nintendo is absolutely killing the game… literally. They release Mittomo, Pokemon Go, announce Nintendo Switch, release NES Classic Console, and now they educate us on Super Mario Run.


Super Mario run will be released on December 15, yep… that’s next month. I’m sure the whole world can’t wait for this game to release and once again Nintendo is going to be making a couple more million dollars the first couple of weeks after release…. Just like they did with Pokemon Go. Now you might think this game is just going to be a boring old game… well let me tell you you’re wrong.

Game Modes:

There are three different modes that come with Super Mario Run, they are:

World Tour: Campaign mode, just go level to level collecting coins and toads. Probably a game you will play to get the hang of it.

Toad Rally: Multiplayer, play against other players all around the world. Who ever has the highest score wins.

Kingdom Builder: Build your kingdom as you complete levels.

These game modes are going to be crucial in keep Super Mario Relevant. With Pokemon Go the only multiplayer you had was fighting in the gyms which to be honest sucked. In this game it seems like Nintendo wants to make it very competitive. The campaign is going to be self explanatory, if you’re a noob go there. The Kingdom Builder is going to be unreal, we’re so happy Nintendo added a custom part to the game. With Pokemon Go you felt restricted, the only customization you could do was choose the clothing of your avatar and pick your name. As you complete levels you will be able to pick from over 100 different items to customize your Kingdom… pretty cool right?

Keep It Coming

All in all this is another win for Nintendo. So happy they’re attacking the mobile market, since they are it’s helping them stay alive and most importantly grow. They have the most loyal fans in the world, including us… all they need to do is create the products. If they keep attacking the mobile market which is where the money is, along with dabbing in the console market like they’re doing before we know it Nintendo is going to be a massive powerhouse again like they once were.

This won’t be the last product you will see Nintendo release in the mobile app store, what’s going to be next… Zelda?

- The GamingU Team