Tell your parents to “Be Quiet”

Let’s be honest every kid has been yelled at for playing to many video games throughout the child hood. I would have never thought that I would be writing about this at 25 years old…

If you’re parents tell you to stop playing video games and you actually might consider playing them professionally… tell your parents to..

“Be Quiet”

Now you’re probably going to get grounded or yelled at after you say this haha. The next step is to explain to them your plan and how playing professionaly can pave the way to your future.

Sit your parents down and explain to them how eSports is growing at a rapid rate, it’s a billion dollar industry for a reason. The best part is, it’s just the beginning. Mind you you’re going to have show your parents cold hard facts and trust me there are A LOT of them.

Explain to them how universites are literally handing out scholarships for gamers like yourself to come to their school. Think about this, you can go to school on a scholarship to game.


If only eSports was as big as it is now when I was younger, I would have100% pursued competitive gaming. Not only can playing video games pay for your college education, but you can also earn money from streaming. There are professional gamers out there that simply stream all day every day and that’s their job.

Could you imagine gaming all day?

Now a days you can be famous for anything not to mention you can do anything. With the internet there are so many different ways to earn cash and make a living. Man am I proud to say gaming is one of those ways.

AJ Picard