The Division Beta — More Important Than You Think?

As the gaming community is aware Tom Clancy The Division opened a beta to users who have reserved the game. Xbox One received early access on January 28th, PS4/PC get to play on the 29th.

This beta is super important to Ubisoft, for a lot of reasons… The history.

1) The Delay — For those just hearing about this game you didn’t hear about the push back. We were all set to buy The Division on January 1st, 2015 which was the initial release date. In Late December of 2014 they pushed the date to “Sometime in 2016″. We were very disappointed, when games do that it usually means they are having problems, not going to meet a deadline, or they simply aren’t confident to release the game… in other words we were worried.

2) Beta Release — In our opinion we think this beta is way to close to the release date. We were hoping we were going to be testing this game sometime in November of 2015, that obviously didn’t happen. If they run into a lot of problems during the beta it could cause A LOT of fans to not want to purchase the game. Don’t believe me? Look what happen to Elder of Scrolls Online. After a horrible beta release Zenimax Online stated:

“They would have all the bugs fixed by the release date”

That didn’t happen. They literally went from users paying $15 a month to having to make the game free to even retain users. This game was suppose to put World of Warcraft to sleep, finally. If this beta is buggy and doesn’t live up to what it’s suppose to be, well Ubisoft is in trouble.

3) Last but not least, Potential — Our team has been waiting for this game for two years. Yep, two years. The gameplay we have seen, the interaction, multiplayer, content, graphics, everything involved in the game we expect it to be in the early conversation for “Game of the Year” candidate. Not only that we think this game is going to change RPG/Open world video games… Forever. If this beta goes well Ubisoft is right on track to make history. The amount of content is ridiculous which is why we think it is going to put it over the top of any video game ever created.

Looking forward to playing the beta tomorrow. We will be doing a review on Youtube for our show: The EyeGames Show SUBSCRIBE!!!

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