The Last Of Us Part II

Yep, it’s happening The Last Us Part II has officially been announced, watch the trailer here. The announcement came today at Playstation’s Experience 2016. I can’t believe I’m sitting here right now writing this blog post. If we could flashback to 2014 when I first bought The Last Of Us it was an experience I’ve never experienced before. It went like this.

The Last Of Us Experience

I bought the game on a Friday after the gentlemen at Gamestop convinced me to play it his words were:

“This is the best game out for PS3”

Once I heard that I bought it. So I took it home that Friday night, and turned the game on. I’m not a campaign guy when it comes to video games. I don’t like killing computers the whole time, I want it to be competitive against other humans. I remember vividly, after watching the first opening scene in the game how hooked/scared I was (I started it at 1 am, if you remember the beginning cinematic it makes you feel like what’s happening in the game is actually happening in real life… yep I was shitting my pants). Once I started actually playing the game I don’t ever remember putting it down, I would have probably stayed up all night if I didn’t have basketball practice the next day, but since I actually had some what of a life… I finished the game that Sunday. Once I finished, I realized that I had just played the best game I’ve ever bought in my life. I went to my roommate and immediately told him to try the game, he beat it that week and also felt the same way I did. We both heard rumors of a second Last Of Us but we never heard anything about it, until today… lets just say we’re super excited.

The Last Of Us Part II

I went on Twitter today and totally forgot that the Playstation Experience event was today. I looked on Twitter trends and it said “The Last of Us” I was confused why it was trending so I clicked on it. There were all these tweets regarding The Last of Us II, immediately my heart started racing. I clicked the link that Playstation tweeted for the event and jumped right into The Last Of Us II conversation.

If you want to watch the trailer, click here. When Ellie started singing I immediately got chills all through up my body, I was also amazed how unreal the graphics looked I literally felt like i was watching a movie. Naughty dog talked about in the conference how their using a new studio engine, they showed a demo how they can literally mimic a humans emotion or facial expressions to make the game characters more realistic. Why not implement this new engine to the Last Of Us II? Genius if you ask me.

In the trailer like we said before Ellie is singing this song, before she starts you will notice her hand shaking along with tats on her arms and blood dripping down her face. As she starts to sing Joel begins to walk in and you see him looking around at the house with all of these dead bodies. This trailer is so hype, the game looks beautiful to end it Ellie says:

“I’m going to kill every single one of them”

The questions we have are, why is Ellie’s hand shaking, where did the tats come from and why are their dead bodies all over the place did they do something to Ellie? Is that why she ends the trailer with that quote? Who knows but we’re super excited to find out.

Don’t Worry

You might be saying to yourself, no way in hell this game is better than the original Last Of Us and I’m sure you’re not the only one. I honestly think Naughty Dog is going to make this game better than the first for one reason. During the conference they told the crowd that the campaign story is the most important thing to them when it comes to this series and they know they have a lot to live up to the first version of game they made. They’re focused on the story which is always a positive sign.

Trust me The Last Of Us II is going to be just as good if not better.

Thanks for reading, we will be implementing The Last Of Us II inside GamingU within the next of couple days you can download our app here.

– The GamingU Team

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