What Gaming Console Should You Get For Christmas?

Christmas is right around the corner and if your a new or active gamer the question you might be asking yourself might be, should I get a new video game console? With so many on the market and a one more coming out next year the question has to be which one should I buy? Well we’re here to help.

So Many Options

Going into the holiday you have to ask yourself, do I want a console on Christmas day or do I want to wait for a possible ground breaking system? Another question you might have to ask yourself is, what console will I be able to play with my friends on the most? How much money do I want to spend? All these are viable factors into what console you should get for Christmas.

Other than those questions you have to start with the numbers. PS4 is absolutely destroying Xbox in sales, if you noticed more games are becoming only for PS4 because that’s where these developers are getting their money back since more people are going to buy their game.

PC is obviously the more expensive route in the options we’re providing but man do you get more of experience and on top of that your more in a “Competitive” market, League of Legends is only for PC for a reason.

Nintendo Switch comes out early next year and you have to ask yourself is it worth the wait? It’s the first mobile console since Gameboy and what’s ironic is Nintendo made that to, look how big that movement was… I’m going to say Nintendo Switch will start another movement. Or if you’re not interested in Nintendo Switch you could always try getting Nintendos NES, good luck getting it. There are some restocks at certain stores before Christmas but the chances you can get one are very slim. This console was released last month and it comes with 30 classic NES games, we did a review on it here if you wanted to read it.

There really isn’t anymore options than that which means you have four to pick from. In our opinion if money is tight you go with Nintendo Switch and wait, the console is going to be focused on eSports which means there will be games that are going to be competitive for you. On top of that they’re adding a lot of games we enjoy playing for instance Zelda Breath of the Wild… We’re getting NS just for that game alone.

If you’re deciding between PS4/Xbox one and none of the questions matter to you that we stated in the first paragraph well the answer is easy. PS4 is your winner, the console runs smoother, better graphics and has more exclusive games for you to play unlike Xbox One. On top of all of that, PS VR is going to destroy the Virtual Reality market. With all the amazing games coming out for PS4 they will soon be VR compatible.

Last but not least if you want to be a PC gamer you need to go all out on a PC that’s going to satisfy your needs for years to come. No point in going cheap, buying prebuilt gaming computers is always a solid choice but when it comes down to it building your own computer is your best bet. What sucks is it can cost more than $1,200, but it’s a life investment.

Our Answer

If I had to choose one, go with PS4. If you have some extra cash, get PS4 and preorder Nintendo Switch. If you’re serious about gaming and want to start streaming professionally, build the computer.

Hope we helped you out this holiday season, remember you can discover new video games to play for the platform you end up choosing right inside our app GamingU, download it here.

The GamingU Team

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