Why Call of Duty is on the decline.

If you’re a gamer you have obviously heard and most importantly played some form of Call of Duty. If you haven’t well I don’t think you can consider yourself a “Gamer”.

This franchise has by far been the most successful shooter in the past 10 years. It always tops the charts and not to mention the competitive tournaments are up there with biggest in the world. Did you know Black Ops 3 had the lowest sales out of all the COD’s for the first week, it did eventually pick up over the next month.

Even with the SLOW start, it still topped the charts for the year 2015.

This is why we believe from here, Call of Duty is going downhill.

Is there anything else?

The first Call of Duty started off in World War 2, the current Black Ops 3 is years into the future. So we started thinking after playing the game for a couple of weeks, what can the next COD possibly do different? Their isn’t really any other ideas and not to mention there are other big name titles coming out early this year.

Tom Clancy The Division is set to come out March 8, 2016 (Go look into it as soon as you can). Battleborn will be coming out May 5, 2016 and of course I am sure we are in for a surprise with the new Doom that is coming out later this year.

Other than the new titles that will be drawing fans away from COD we also need to talk about the campaign and the multiplayer.


Going to keep this short and sweet. The Campaign was very boring. I actually didn’t play very long at all. The levels took forever and the computers I am fighting are still stupid. The new bigger titles games like Fallout 4, Tom Clancy, are all adding actual brains to these enemies, so its actually hard to advance through the story. I also didn’t think the story line drew me in. It was just like the rest of the missions in the past COD’s.


Multiplayer is simply, broken. I mean BROKEN. The maps are so small. I am a huge sniper guy and I haven’t found a level where it’s good to snipe on. Everything seems so clustered and compacted, hense why everyone is just running around with a shotgun, or machine gun, or in other words the competitive aspect now takes ZERO skill.

Where is the fun in that?

One reason I have always liked Battlefield better than COD is when I hit someone with a sniper rifle they die, in COD they don’t, it MAKES ZERO SENSE. Why even use a sniper when you can use a machine gun and shoot just as far, just as accurate, and a lot faster?

I also hate how you can’t peak out when you’re behind an object to shoot at an enemy. There’s absolutely no strategy in COD anymore and which is why I truly think it’s on the way out.

The spawning in COD still sucks and every year they’ve said they have worked on it. I average around 2 deaths a game on spawn, and that should simply never happen with a franchise like this.

Last but not least the in game reaction is terrible. There are times I have 100% shot the guy in the head or even shot him first and ended up not killing him, which resulted in me dying.

P.S. the whole running on the walls might be the dumbest thing I have ever seen. I thought the jet packs were bad…


Not much needed to say about this, everyone loves some zombies. It’s great how it’s getting harder and harder. Still not better than the first zombies, but at least their some strategy in this game mode.


COD is in trouble. Especially since a lot of people are starting to adapt to the open world RPG’s. People want to build their character, using talents and obtaining new gear. Not by being a stupid hero with special abilities. They’re 100% running out of ideas and not to mention the flow of the game is declining rapidly.

When the next COD comes out and it doesn’t live up to your expectations, remember we told you so.

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Until next time,

The EyeGames Team

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