How Come Everything Else is So Easy?

If you’re part of the generation of 20–30 somethings that currently reside in our tremendous capital city, then you’ll know how easy life is right now.

Before you click away in disgust at my failure to grasp the myriad modern-day issues that people face across the board, bear with me. What I mean is, if you have a reasonable disposable income, and work long hours to carve out a career in your chosen field, then you have access to services to make life easier in the ever-decreasing slices of free time you have.

Many decades ago, people coming to live and work in the Smoke (as it literally was back then) often rented a room at a boarding house. I remember my grandfather telling me that he took a room let by a former actress, who preferred theatrical types, but let my shy and dour grandfather stay because he had a job in an office and would probably actually pay rent, as opposed to just leaving his feather boas and dancing tights draped over the bannisters to dry.

His meals were cooked for him, the landlady ironed his shirts on Sunday evenings, and her brother Norm gave grandpa a lift to work every day except Fridays.

As great as my grandfather thought it was, not many of us want to live like that now. The 2016 version of all that is that we work hard, go to the gym, shop online and shoehorn in a social life. We outsource. We can travel whenever we need to with Uber. We don’t need to worry about food, because Deliveroo exists. When it comes to cleaning and house stuff, TaskRabbit knows how we like our towels folding.

So how come, with every convenience and service available to us for increasingly competitive prices, viewing properties to rent remains steadfastly antiquated? We still have to book days off work and spend time and money crossing the city to attend property viewings at someone else’s convenience. Quite often, it turns out to be a waste of time.

As soon as you stop and think about it, it’s absurd that the property rental market still operates in such a time consuming and inconvenient way. How come we’ve all put up with it for so long?

Eyeballit is the natural choice for anyone looking to rent in the capital. With a Virtual Reality Video of every nook, cranny and angle of your selected property delivered to your inbox within hours of your first contact; finally, renting in London just got a whole lot easier.

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