How I Found My London Flat Without Leaving Barnsley!

I was the first person in my family to go to university. The day I graduated was the proudest day of my parents’ lives. However hard it was getting a First though, it was nothing compared to getting my first job. After three interviews over 6 months, and working in my dad’s garage in Barnsley to earn a few quid, I finally got the news that I’d actually got a real, bone-fide job.

When my dad asked where I planned on living, I realised that I didn’t have a clue. I was due to start work as a junior recruitment consultant in a month. I was pretty skint, and lodging in my old bedroom at mum and dad’s in South Yorkshire with no car.

It was easy to find details of places to rent on the Internet, but there was no way I could actually check them out without travelling down to London and hoping that by the time I got there, it hadn’t already been let to the earliest bird. Or maybe hadn’t been let at all because that ‘spacious kitchen’ was actually the size of a shower unit.

Discovering Eyeballit meant I could ‘view’ the flats that I was interested in within hours of emailing the request. It cost much less than actually travelling to see the apartments myself. I was also conscious that I was new to viewing and renting flats and I was aware that I might feel a bit intimidated by the process, or railroaded into making a decision that I didn’t want to make.

So all in all, Eyeballit was a bit of a Godsend as it turns out. The video was as good as walking around the flat myself, and I felt completely confident that I was making the right move. I’ve already recommended using Eyeballit to a couple of friends who already live in London to simply avoid the hassle and time-drain of trying to get to view a rented flat across the city.

It really is time that the whole process of renting became more user friendly. Being able to view properties quickly and remotely — and I mean really viewing the place, not just looking at a few photographs — marks a sea change in the rental market and one that seems long overdue!